Charming Girls Club

I’ve been enjoying following the Charming Girls Club and have decided to “make a commitment” (OMG) and join this club. I am always inspired by what these girls create, as well as their ability to make goals and achieve them.  I’m hoping that some of their talent and organizational skills will rub off on me, as a club member.

While you may not think these are lofty, here are my goals:

1)  Clean my sewing room in August.  I mean really clean it.  Block time the beginning of each month to work on this, but try to hard to keep it orderly. 

2)  Finish a minimum of two charity projects a month.

3)  Cut fabric for my first Schnibble project, that I’ll commit to finishing by September.  And determine which Schnibble to make for this fall.

4)  Update my goals, after I’ve cleaned & organized my sewing room.

5)  Have fun, enjoy, create, inspire, and encourage others to do the same, as well as expand upon our talents!

6) Enjoy making new friends in the Charming Girls Club.


12 thoughts on “Charming Girls Club”

  1. I read your post, starting cleaning my room! I have a zillion projects in the progress….this was a good boost to get organized ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sandy in MDPS: three charity projects underway- one cut and started sewing, one with fabrics chosen and one still planning!


  2. Wow, this are noble goals! (To organize my stash would be most impressive. I seem to get part done, and that’s it-!) I do hope you reach your goals and keep these commitments, I’m in your corner cheering you on! You do a really swell job inspiring. :-}pokey


  3. I’m so glad you joined us at Charming Girls. I’ve been to your blog quite a few times and really have enjoyed it. I just cleaned my sewing room last month and it so nice!! You’ll be so glad when you do yours. Good luck with the rest of your goals.


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