Zippered Bag Tutorial

While I have made zippered bags before, I came across a delightful tutorial to make zippered bags on “May Your Bobbin Always Be Full”.  This tutorial definitely goes into my list of favorite tutorials.  It is well written and also shows excellent insights on quilting these zippered bags. 

Wouldn’t these make lovely gifts?


15 thoughts on “Zippered Bag Tutorial”

  1. Oh, how funny. I was up early this morning trying out this tutorial!! I was pretty excited – my first zippered pouch. I made my mistakes, but am hoping the more I make the better they come out! ~karen


  2. Very cute bags, Darlene! I’m very bagophobic and then you add a zipper and I feel butterflies in my tummy. LOLI’m going to check out your link – thank you so much. Maybe I’ll try to make one – that’s a big MAYBE. 🙂


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