My Insights on things to not miss at the IQF Long Beach Show

The IQF Long Beach Show officially opens this coming Thursday, July 23rd {preview night on the 22nd}.  For those lucky enough to be able to go to this show, I wanted to share a few insights that I’d hate to have you overlook:

Cozy Quilt Designs will be in booth 1027, 29 and they will be introducing a new book at this show.  Fat Quarters Anonymous has seven patterns for beautiful quilts made with fat quarters.  And, I bet you’ll be able to get Daniela Stout to autograph a copy for you too, especially if you tell her SewCalGal told you she would.

Quilt In A Day has a special show coupon that you may want to print and take with you.  They’ll be located in booth 926, 28, 30, 32.  I do hope you’ll tell Eleanor hello for me.

Java House Quilts will be in booth 1419.  Karen Brow is an amazing designer of whimsical quilts.  I am also honored that she agreed to be a sponsor for  my upcoming Pets on Quilt Show.  I do hope you’ll pop by and visit Karen at this show. 

Flamingo Island Designs has come all the way from Florida for this show!  They’ll be in booh 1437.  Be sure to ask for Floozie and receive a FREE gift. And, please tell Floozie hello from me!

Sulky of America, Inc. will be in booth 1536, 38.  I’m sure they’ll have their beautiful threads, books and patterns and various new items at this show.  I am so very happy that Sulky has agreed to be a sponsor of my upcoming Pets on Quilt Show.  I do hope you’ll visit their booth.

SAQA SoCal will have a special exhibit you will not want to miss.  You’ll also have the opportunity to meet many fantastic designers that will be at this booth.  Click here if you want to see a specific list of SAQA members that will be volunteering at their booth, and what hours they’ll each be there. They also have a lecture series that you do not want to miss.

Oh, the IQF Long Beach Show is such a delightful show.  I do so hope you get a chance to go and enjoy!


4 thoughts on “My Insights on things to not miss at the IQF Long Beach Show”

  1. I have a problem with your poll. Do I press my seams open or do I press them to one side?Depending on the circumstances, I do whichever will give me the best result. Both methods have their uses.


  2. gosh…I think you should be a door greater at this show…you make a person want to stop and talk to EVERYONE with a booth!! Thanks for sharing!Paulette


  3. I was in downtown Long Beach today (having lunch). I’ll be at the show on Thursday and Friday taking classes, visiting vendor booths, and viewing quilts. I love this event.


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