Let’s Make Waves

Do you make waves with your quilting?

The book “Let’s Make Waves”, by Lily Marie Amaru is certainly a “must have” book for those interested in making a splash with their quilts. This book is also a great book for those that have the “Wave Edge Ruler”, which is an amazing ruler that helps you create fantastic waves vs boring straight lines when cutting your fabrics. And, there are so many variations of designs that you can create with the “Wave Edge Ruler” too!

The designs that are created by using the “Wave Edge Ruler” have a feeling of motion, with a slight curve, that is artistic and pleasing to the eye. While it is quite easy to create beautiful wave edge effects, using the “Wave Edge Ruler”, the book “Let’s Make Waves” offers many helpful insights for cutting, sewing, pressing fabrics, borders and binding to make beautiful quilts, clothing and other items. And the photo gallery in this book is definitely inspirational, if not dreamy!

The Wave Edge Ruler is a must tool to make items with the wave effect, shared in this book. But you can also use the wave edge ruler for machine quilting! And, you may find that you want to use the Wave Edge Ruler for just borders, or a certain block, or you may be delighted to use this ruler for the majority of your cuts for your project. Either way, this book helps to show you how to make projects using the Wave Edge Ruler. This is an amazing tool for those interested in adding movement to their quilts and/or wanting to try a different technique that will produce fun and beautiful quilts.

Lily Marie “The Wave Diva” is a very talented quilter, designer, teacher and author. Her fun workshops are very reasonably priced, making Lily Marie an excellent lecturer and teacher for quilt guilds, as well as teacher for quilt shops.

While “Let’s Make Waves” and the “Wave Ruler” are found in many stores, you can also order from Lily Marie Amaru’s online store, where she also has many other wonderful patterns and rulers.

Does SewCalGal recommend this book and ruler? Definitely. This book and ruler is a great source of insight and inspiration for those looking for a different quilting technique, as well as creating quilts (or projects) that have a wave effect). This book and ruler would also make a great gift idea for someone with experience with quilting.

Lily Marie “The Wave Diva”
P.O. Box 418
6044 Mountain Home Creek
Angelus Oaks, CA 92305


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  1. I have the wave edge ruler and it is interesting to use although I have only used it for helping me cut my wave edge borders so far.Karenhttp://karensquilting.com/blog/


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