EQ6 Block Book (great for EQ6 & EQ7 users)

Something strange happened in blogland to me today.  I was changing some labels on previous posts.  Trying to re-label EQ6 and EQ7 labels to “Electric Quilt”.  Typically a change of a label wouldn’t re-release a post.  Then this post (below) appeared.  I now suspect that I never officially released this post, even though I thought I had.  It was probably left  in “draft” format.  Ooops. 

So, while this post was originally written before EQ7 was released, I hope it will still share some new insights with you.  Ok. While I’m a bit embarrassed…here is my post….a bit later than I had thought!

SewCalGal highly recommends the EQ6 Companion books for use with EQ6 and with EQ7.  They are excellent books, all well written, sharing great insights, visuals, and exercises.  In this post, I want to share insights about the EQ6 Block Book, An Illustrated Guide to the Block Patterns in EQ6. 

The EQ6 Block Book, An illustrated guide to the Block Patterns in EQ6, is a book that provides illustrations to the 4,300 quilt blocks available in EQ6.

 While EQ7 has over 5,000 quilt blocks, there are currently no plans for a revised EQ6 Block Book.  But having 4,300 quilt blocks out of 5,000 quilt blocks in this book will still be helpful for EQ7 users, and definitely handy for EQ6 users.

This book is a great reference book and easily portable (even goes to the beach), making it a handly tool to help select blocks you may want to use to create a quilt design in EQ6/EQ7.

This book allows you to quickly glance thru all blocks and easily see the similarities and differences. For many of us, there are times when having a print out simply helps, and times when having all these beautiful blocks to plan a quilt, all in a book, really helps. So, when you consider the minor cost of this book, it can be a great companion book for you to have for use with EQ6 and with EQ7.

The EQ6 Block Book helps you locate blocks in the EQ6 Block Library. The book is organized exactly like the on-screen libraries of EQ6 blocks:

  1. Classic Pieced 
  2. Contemporary Pieced
  3. Foundation Pieced
  4. Classic Appliqué
  5. Contemporary Appliqué
  6. Motifs
  7. Quilting Stencils
  8. Overlaid Blocks
  9. Border Blocks

There is also a great Reference section, that provides insights on using the Block Library:  General insights, searching for blocks by notecard,  and searching for blocks by category.  More insight is also shared about the block categories, where insights on the back of the notecard are also shared.
Ultimately, this EQ6 Block Book may not be a necessary item for you to “learn” EQ6/EQ7,  but I do think many will find it much easier to page through a book to find block(s) that they want to work with vs paging thru libraries on your screen.  And remember, the price for this book is amazing low!  For me, having access to this book really helps me save time when planning a new quilt! 



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