Pets of Quilts Show: Dana Gaffney’s Brady Bug

This cute guy is Brad Bug, the four legged child of Dana Gaffney.  Dana submitted this entry via Facebook, with the following insight:

Here’s my entry in the Pets on Quilts contest. This is Brady Bug who was thrilled to find a quilt on the floor, normally the dogs have to sneak up on them. I’ve even had Brady try to run off with one while I was sewing it. Brady came to us as a rescue, very sick with mange. After a year of love look how beautiful he is. I made the quilt using an X block. I like bright colors and this one turned out great. Thank you so much for opening the contest to non-bloggers. I know it makes your job a little more difficult. Just want you to know how much I appreciate it.

Click here for more info on the Pets on Quilts Show.


19 thoughts on “Pets of Quilts Show: Dana Gaffney’s Brady Bug”

  1. Brady Bug knows a beautiful quilt when he see’s one! Bless you for rescueing such a wonderful animal – he obviously just needed to be loved AND to be near quilts!


  2. what a beautiful quilt and dog! my dog, too, was a rescue and had mange. Thanks for rescuing him and creating such a beautiful quilt.A new quilter and dog lover,Melissa


  3. Brady and I want to thank all of you for the wonderful comments. I’ve already given him a prize for being such a great dog. Sshhhh, don’t tell him it’s not over.


  4. Oh, Brady, you have a beautiful coat now! I’m sure he is so loved!Love the quilt, and it looks as though you have a great quilting buddy!nsue21702 at gmail dot com


  5. Brady Bud is adorable. Thank goodness to you for bringing him into your home. I love the use of your bright colors, your quilt looks fabulous.I can just picture Brady trying to snag your quilt as you were stitching. Too funny.


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