Pets on Quilt Show: MJ Baker

This cute beautiful girl is the four legged child of MJ Baker. MJ submitted this entry via Facebook, with the following insight:

This is my entry for the Pets on Quilt Show. This is our cat Gia on my first quilt “Millenium” that I made for my husband, Dewey. What you can’t see (hopefully) is Gia hair everywhere! She loves this quilt as much as Dewey does. I have since downsized and begun working on queen, twin, and lap sized quilts.

Click here for more info on the Pets and Quilts Show, as well as viewing other quilts that have been submitted so far.  Entries will be accepted thru August 21st.  But those that want a chance at winning the Viewer’s Choice Awards (Dog category, Cat Category or Other Pet Category) need to have their entries submitted by Saturday, September 11th.


18 thoughts on “Pets on Quilt Show: MJ Baker”

  1. That’s a beautiful quilt MJ, love the colours and pattern. Gia’s a beauty too – black and whites steal my heart! It’s even okay if they shed.


  2. What a spectacular quilt and the detail and colours are incredible. You are a master at your craft. Gia is the perfect model and compliments the quilt with her lovely pose, Meow !


  3. Nope, can’t see the cat hair, but I know it’s there. I try really hard not to sew any into a quilt, can you relate? Beautiful Gia and quilt. Thanks for sharing.


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