Pets On Quilts Show: Lynda’s CatCat

This entry to the Pets on Quilts Show has been submitted via Facebook from Lynda Halliger Otvos.  Here is Lynda’s insight on her entry:

This small quilt with the backing wrapped to the front and bound by machine is my first patchwork quilt and CatCat firmly believes it to be hers. In this picture they rest atop a small dresser; mostly she and the quilt lie on my desk where I spend all my not-sleeping or sewing time.

CatCat chose us shortly after we moved into our current, and hopefully last, home eight years ago. She had been born in the house across the yard and quickly decided that the kitty litter was cleaner on this side of the walkway! Although she will not sit on my, or anyone else’s, lap she rests on my hip throughout the night not complaining when I have to roll over.

She re-ignited aspects of my husband’s and my personalities that enable us again to care for little ones in our home: calm, accepting, nurturing tendencies that help us navigate the uncertainties of this economy, temper an empty nest syndrome, and keep us physically limber-these young ladies grow close to the floor.

CatCat and quilting have both enriched my life as retirement approaches for me and settles on my best friend and life partner.

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20 thoughts on “Pets On Quilts Show: Lynda’s CatCat”

  1. Nice to see someone else blogging in cyberspace. So why don’t you keep it up. Stop reading so many and start writing one. You have the gift of gab…. make it the gift of sharing in typed form. Love you, OO and CatCat.Phyllis


  2. I agree with Phyllis Lynda, you are the queen when it comes to reading these blogs and yet you could probably write the best one of all. Looking forward to retiring with you and CatCat.


  3. I had to look twice at this picture. She IS over the edge on this dresser. But she is so calm, she doesn’t seem to mind. Me? I’d roll over and be on the floor in a sore heartbeat! Beautiful cat and quilt. Thank you for sharing!nsue21702 at gmail dot com


  4. Okay so I would say that the your quilt is beautiful, but I can’t see any of it. However, your friend is beautiful. It is very rewarding to care for others. I am so used to having a full household, I do not know what life will be like without it.


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