Pets on Quilts Show – Katy Pannell

This special memory quilt, dedicated to a special terrier named Audrey,  was submitted by Katy Pannel.  Katy submitted this entry via Facebook, with the following insight:

This is dedicated to my terrier, Audrey, who passed away 5 years ago.
Katy also provided a closeup photo of the special words she incorporated into this heartfelt memory quilt.


Go directly to the show to view more quilts. 

I’ve extended the deadline out for non-bloggers to submit entries to me, as I haven’t found it to be as much work as I had thought (consolidating them with the other entries).  Thus, the new deadline for non-bloggers to enter is Friday, 8/13 midnight!  Bloggers will continue to be able to enter thru August 21st, but as a special post will be made this Saturday, to open up voting for Viewers Choice, there is clearly an advantage of getting your entry in sooner than later! 

To review the rules for this show click here.

 To see the list of prizes click here.  Note, as of 8/12 there are still a few more prizes that I need to add to this list. 


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