AccuQuilt Circle Die

The AccuQuilt Circle Die provides a number of opportunities to make beautiful quilts and other items. I very easily and quickly made this charity quilt using the larger circle on the Circle Die and the 6 1/2″ Square die.  While the Circle die cuts 3 different circles (2″, 3″, 5″), I used the 5″ circle for this particular quilt.

I had fun cutting fabrics for this quilt and was amazed how fast all the blocks came together.

I was lucky to have recently won a giveaway at Love Bug Studios of some lovely Christmas fabrics.  {Thank you Ebony}. 

While I’ve used some of these Christmas fabrics on other projects, they bred with my Christmas fabrics, and I found I had enough to make another Christmas theme Quilt for the Linus program using this Circle die. 

For this Circle block quilt, I cut 30 of the large circles and 30 – 6 1/2″ squares, all of various scraps.  I visually pinned the circles to the centers of the squares and then used a straight stitch to secure the circles, stitching 1/4″ from the outside of the circle, for each block.  Then, I followed normal assembly of blocks to create the  simple scrappy circle quilt.

As I had cut some extra blocks, I decided to play with them to see about creating a scrappier look by using 1/4 circle squares to create a block.  I ended up with enough to make a strip that I may use for the backing of the Circle quilt, or add a border to and create a simple table runner.

To create the quarter circle blocks, I paired two of my circle blocks with right side of fabrics facing each other.  I then drew a line down the center of the block.

I stiched a 1/4″ seam on each side of the line and then cut the block in half, cutting along the center line that I had marked.  I then pressed open these two pieces to create two smal blocks that have “half circles”.

I then paired my “half circle” blocks, where I turned the top block a 1/4 turn.  I then drew a line in the center of this pair of blocks and again stitched a 1/4″ seam on each side of this line.  Next, I cut along the line that I had marked to create two separate blocks with 1/4 circles and pressed open.

While I love the effect of the circle block, I also love the 1/4 circle block and all the possibilities for playing with fabrics that this design could offer.  But what I love most, is how easy the AccuQuilt GO! Circle die was to use.  

Here is an interesting video about the AccuQuilt GO! and Circle die:

I’d love to hear your thoughts about how I should use my left over blocks that I turned into the 1/4 Circle blocks.  Should I use this strip in the back of my Circle quilt, create a table runner with them, or do you have another suggestion? 

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9 thoughts on “AccuQuilt Circle Die”

  1. Very cute circle quilts I love circles too and would love the ease of cutting them with the go cutter. I would also love the ease of cutting with a beautiful lake right outside my door!!!!!Course it might be hard not to go sailing instead.


  2. Oh my gosh….totally love it…I can’t wait for my circle dies to come, it is funny but I have needed circles three times since I have gotten this go and just now gotten around to ordering the circles. I can’t wait….what a beautiful view out your window, is that view from your boat? Just love it.


  3. Great idea. I have the circle die and might try to do a quilt like that this upcoming week as a charity quilt for Project Linus……might be just quick enough for me to get it done in the limited time I have available the next couple of weeks! Your quilt turned out very nice.


  4. Great use of your square and circle dies, Darlene. And the scrappy look TOTALLY reminds me of using the drunkard’s path die. Very similar look.I really am enjoying all the creative juices flowing with the GO.


  5. Love this, and have been planning on doing one like this. Thanks for sharing it. I used the circle die last night & cut 240 circles for yo-yo’s…..that’s a few!


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