Snapware Storage

While organizing my sewing room, I decided to buy another Snapware Storage container.  I love how I can keep a project in a stackable container, adding/deleting stacks to fit my needs for storing, space constraints, and taking items to workshops. 

Ok. I didn’t buy just one.  Snapware storage products are a great price and value. And I lucked out to find these on sale.  With so many ways to use them, I couldn’t resist buying more than one. 


These storage containers go every place with me:  workshops, retreats, sew-cials, vacations, etc.   The handles and snaps are also very durable, unlike other brands (which I won’t name) that the handles frequently break under the weigh of fabric.

And, they are so easily stackable that they really work great for organizing a sewing room.  Perfect for organizing fabrics, thread, patterns, novelties.


7 thoughts on “Snapware Storage”

  1. I love those products as well, I have several. Now I wonder – I have not found any that fit 16″ blocks – do you know of any? Plenty to hold the 12 inch blocks but none for 16.Karen


  2. I have a small container. I use it to store my hand-sewing supplies. I love it because the top stays on when I drop it:) Everything stays in place.


  3. we must be running on the same brain wave. Last weekend I purchased more containers and for the past two nights I have been in the sewing room trying to re organize.


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