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The “Slice”, by Making Memories is a very popular cutting tool for scrapbooking and card making enthusiasts.  I’ve been investigating this tool, to see how it could fit in to the tool portfolio of quilting, embroidery and sewing enthusiasts.  I’ve concluded that the Slice is a great tool for quilting, embroidery and sewing enthusastists too!

There are several models of the Slice, as well as sizes of cutting mats.  What I evaluated is the Slice cordless digital designer, with a 12″x12″ glass cutting mat. But, I believe my insights apply to various Slice models and kits (aka bundles).  So, please keep in mind is that I’m sharing insights on the “Slice” and there are many ways that this cutting device can be purchased in a variety of bundles or non-bundles, as well as a variety of design cards.

The Slice cutter uses pre-loaded memory cards with a variety of designs on each design card, where each design card typically includes an alphabet.  The slice will cut from 1″ to 4″, in 1/2″ increments, of the designs on these cards.  While not all current design cards are items that may be of interest to quilting, embroidery, or sewing enthusiasts, there are many design cards with designs that would work well for this community.

Slice promotes a fusible web, at a reasonable price, that works well with their product and for purposes of quilting.   I also tested a few other fusible webs and found good luck with heavy weight fusibles, as well as lightweight fusibles.  But I did find that fusibles that have a paper backing (e.g. Steam-a-Seam Lite) did not work well with the paper backing. To clarify, if I removed the paper backing they worked well with the Slice. 

I love how fast the Slice can cut very detailed applique designs.  While the Slice is designed to cut one layer at a time, the speed, accuracy, detail, and variety of design cards, makes this a great tool for quilting, embroidery and sewing enthusiasts.

The Slice was very easy for me to use.  My out-of-box experience was wonderful.  I simply prepared my fabric with fusible web, sprayed the Slice cutting mat with the Slice adhesive spray, pressed my prepared fabric onto the cutting mat,  inserted my design card into my Slice, pressed a few buttons on the Slice to select the design and size,  and pressed the “go” button on the Slice to initiate the cutting.  And, within seconds, the detailed design was cut. 

For detailed applique designs, the Slice is an amazing product.  It far exceeded my expectations. And, I can just imagine the possibilities of creating many wonder quilts, sewn products with embellishments, and machine embroidery designs, all made with applique cut with the Slice.

I’m eager to create quilts, sewn products, and machine embroidery applique designs, using a variety of current Slice designs.  There are so many to choose from.  Personally, I’m looking forward to creating things using the Under the Sea Design Card, Calendar Design Card, Fa La La Design Card, Words & Expressions Design Cards, and so many more.

I definitely love the  Slice and highly recommend this product for Quilting, Sewing and Embroidery enthusiasts that love creating fun items with applique.  There are so many possibilities with the Slice, and the speed is amazing. 

The only drawback I can think of with the Slice for quilters, is that it is limited to a 4″ size.  But it is such an amazing product I’m excited with all the possibilities I can do with the Slice, and I hope that they’ll someday have a Slice product that will help create larger applique sizes, and more quilt related designs, for quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiasts. 

The Slice is an amazing product AND available at an very reasonable price. It will certainly slice the time that it takes you to create applique designs.    Plus, you can shop at MyMemories Warehouse online to find some really spectacular deals!

Click here to see a helpful video on using the Slice to cut fabric. 

I hope you’ll come back to see what quilts, sewn, and embroidered projects I create using the Slice. I just couldn’t wait for me to complete a project, to  be able to share insights with you on how great the Slice product is!


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  1. As a former scrapbooker, it’s interesting to see the tools crossing over. I’ve been using my Sizzix for years with fabrics. Mostly for t-shirts for kid’s various needs. Hubbie couldn’t understand why I wanted to move all of those dies, “why not?” was all I could offer. lol!!


  2. Thanks for the info. I have really been looking for something to do appliqué with and have always thought the GO was the only tool on the market. I am really going to look into this. Thanks!!


  3. That’s impressive. I went to the web page and looked around. There are a lot of designs on each of those disks. I’m going to look a little closer. Thanks for the information.


  4. Looks like a great product, thanks for sharing. I wondered how the Cricket paper and vinyl cutter at Walmart might work for quilting? It will probably work just as well.


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