Quilting Snacks

What  are your favorite snacks at a quilt sew-cial?

Chocolate dipped strawberries?

Flavored Rice Cakes?  Milano cookies?

How about  Butterfingers,  Hershey’s kisses, or Reese’s Cups?

Brownie Bites?

Or how about cute M&Ms?

I’d love to hear what your favorite snacks are for when you are at a quilt sew-cial.  I’m planning on what to take to an upcoming sew-cial and don’t want to think only about my tummy.    Oh dear me, what shall I bring to a sew-cial?


18 thoughts on “Quilting Snacks”

  1. When we had snacks at a recent guild meeting, I took those little bite-sized cupcakes you can get ready-made at the bakery section of your grocery store. Mine had some Key Lime Pie flavored ones, and they went like hotcakes–even better than the chocolate, if you can imagine that!


  2. I did belon to a quilt guild in Missouri but never been to a quilt social…..whaaaaaBut when I am at home and busy sewing, I do not eat….it is when I stop….but M & M’s are the best…or oh yes…hot tamales….now we are talking!!


  3. I love coffee and any kind of cookie. I’m a “sweets” love. That said, I love to bring mixed nuts, bananas, hummus and carrots — just so my pants still fit.Love Mr. Goodbar – my favorite candybar.


  4. I don’t usually eat anywhere near my sewing machine, I am just a messy person you see. Now, take a break, and something sweet would work, Or some pretzels and cream cheese, the chocolate strawberried are good, I got this thing for the goldfish crackers, and if I am being pretty good it is fresh fruit with a dip I make from 1/2 cream cheese and 1/2 marshmallow fluff or cream, that is what most of my friends go for.


  5. Definitely whole, ice cold milk; good bread and a toaster then real butter and grape jam; raisin bran with aforementioned milk and sugar snuck from the coffee drinkers; powdered choc for cocoa; premixed cookie dough-portioned out for quick baking……


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