GO! BeDazzled, by Sarah Vedeler

The GO! BeDazzled quilt, by Sarah Vedeler, is a spectacular quilt that is brilliantly designed, utilizing many AccuQuilt GO! applique dies.  This elaborate quilt design is clearly an heirloom quilt design, that will work well in a variety of color pallettes.  This is also the first and only machine embroidery (ME) software, that I am aware of, designed specifically for the AccuQuilt GO!. 

While there are multiple ME designs for the AccuQuilt GO! applique dies used in this quilt, there are also a variety of ME designs for each die.    All digitized to perfection, as if every stitch was strategically placed by hand to create a spectacular ME applique design that truly dazzles!  Clearly, Sarah Vedeler Designs is a world class machine embroidery designer, that has an amazing expertise in using ME designs in quilting.  To clarify, there are many ME designers and ME users that combine ME with quilting, but I believe Sarah has raised the bar for those that combine quilting and ME work. 

The GO! BeDazzled ME design colllection allows you a variety of options.  You could pursue using these amazing ME designs to create your own spectacular GO! BeDazzled quilt, which this collection includes instructions on how to pursue via a BOM approach. 

The  instructions provide you requirements for fabric, as well as insights for different color pallettes.  Information is also provided for thread selection and stablizers.

When you approach making this quilt via a BOM method, each month you’ll create several dazzling quilt blocks with ME designs that use the AccuQuilt dies in a variety of layouts that can be done in one hoop for those with megahoops, or using a multihoop method for those with smaller hoops.

Each block is a spectacular piece of art

Using the BOM approach, before you know it, you’ll be using instructions provided to put all the blocks together and you’ll have your own GO! BeDazzled quilt of your own (or a very generous gift)..

If you do want to make the GO! Be Dazzled Quilt, or use all of the ME designs included in this set, you will need the following dies from AccuQuilt:
GO! Feathers
GO! Hearts
GO! Funky Flowers
GO! Round Flower
GO! Stars
GO! Circles

But do remember this design set can also create a variety of projects, for any of these dies or combinations. 

Plus, another quilt option layout is provided for the GO! Be Dazzled Too! quilt that you could do as a BOM in six months.

I most always do my test stitchouts on a dishtowel, which also makes for a nice hostest gift.When I did my first stitchout of the GO! BeDazzled designs, you can see how the placement lines help walk you thru what AccuQuilt GO! applique piece needs to be laid down.
I also like to do test stitch outs to see how different colored threads and fabrics work.  In my first test, as shown, I really was picking unwanted scraps from my stash.  But I still thought the dish towel ended up looking really cute. And, I was very impressed with the detail of the ME design.  While I personally love the fabric and thread colors that are recommended for the GO! BeDazzled quilt, I can also visualize a large variety of color choices that will also make spectacular projects and eager to create more items using the GO! BeDazzled designs.

While these designs are based on AccuQuilt GO! designs, if you don’t have a GO! you could do that M word and “manually” cut out your applique shapes to work with this ME software.  But, you’ll have so much fun with this ME software that I’m sure you’ll want a GO! to go with it.

Stitching out the GO! BeDazzled ME designs is like every single stitch was strategically placed.  These designs had a minimal amount of jumps, no odd placement of any set of stitches.  Every stitch was excellent.  Ever break for a color change was appropriate and resulted in spectacular machine embroidery work.

The GO! BeDazzled machine embroidery design set is an amazing set of machine embroidery designs.  I highly encourage it.  And, if you are an ME designer that does not have an AccuQuilt and does not want to pursue getting one, keep in mind that there are many AccuQuilt GO! owners who are willing to provide cutting and kitting services for others.  So, email me, if you want a list of those willing to provide such a service (or if you want to be added to this list). 

I hope you will GO! Be Dazzled with Sarah Vedelers amazing designs.  I highly recommend this ME design set.


14 thoughts on “GO! BeDazzled, by Sarah Vedeler”

  1. I have been wanting an embroidery machine and this makes me want one more….such wonderful designs and just love how it works with the go dies…


  2. Thanks for sharing. This is a very beautiful quilt and the GO certainly would make fast work of those applique pieces. I wish I had one. I think I will put it on my Christmas wish list :-).


  3. The thread set that goes with this design isn’t Aurifil, it’s Isacord. But yes, fabulous designs from Sarah. I’m starting my borders on BeDazzled, hoping to have my sample put together and quilted to teach it beginning in January. 🙂


  4. Gotta have it now that I have a GO! Have already purchased some of the dies used and will soon get the others needed for these designs. I’m gonna GO for it!Terry


  5. I have a great embroidery machine and now have a Go and some of the necessary dies. I’m gonna get the embroidery designs, a couple more dies and GO for it! Thanks for posting this information.


  6. Very nice the work is awesome. It would be fun to have an embroidery machine but I would have to retire to be able to have time to use it.


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