A Ribbon Runs Thru It

At the recent San Diego Quilt Show (SDQS), I saw many beautiful quilts that delighted my eye and inspired me to create and try new forms of quilting.  One of these spectacular quilts was “A Ribbon Runs Thru It”, by Christie McGuire.  As the card on the quilt shared, for show viewers, Christie made this beautiful quilts as a block of the month challenge in 2009, sponsored by Sew Hut.

As you are aware, challenges are meant to get you working outside of your normal comfort zone to be able to learn an expand your skills.  Christie’s beautiful quilt certainly inspire me  to sign up for as many future challenges as I can.  I think her quilt is amazing.  And, of course, the ribbon stitching that runs thru this quilt is spectacular.

Great job Christie.  This is a beautiful quilt.

For those that live in So. Cal. you may be aware of Sew Hut.  This store is a Bernina Dealer and they will be celebrating 28 years in business September 28 – October 2nd.   During their Anniversary week they have a great collection of free classes and a lot of fun, including many prizes and 28 Grand Prizes!  I hope if you live in the area you’ll pop by Sew Hut to help celebrate their Anniversary.    I’m certainly looking forward to it!  They have many fun free classes, and may help many quilters learn new techniques, as well as learn new tips!

4226 Balboa Avenue,
San Diego, CA 92117

12 thoughts on “A Ribbon Runs Thru It”

  1. What a great quilt and such a different way of setting a BOM. I’ve done a bit of that ribbon work before, inspired by a Libby Lerhman ( I think) book and it takes a lot of time and effort to get it looking that goodLove and hugs Gina xxx


  2. The ribbon quilt is so different. What a great way to take the same BOM that everyone else did and make is unique and eye catching. Hats off to Christie. And thank you for sharing!


  3. What a beautiful quilt. I’ve never seen that kind of ribbon work before. I was able to get a close up and it is amazing. I’d be afraid to tackle something like that for fear of ruining what I had already accomplished. Thanks for sharing.


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