AccuQuilt Theme Blog Hop – Tips, Tutorials, Videos and Giveaway(s)

I’m participating in a Blog Hop this week where ten Bloggers with AccuQuilt products will share their insights and inspiration on AccuQuilt products.  Each participant has been asked to share insights, on their designated day.  You’ll find some may share beautiful quilts that they’ve made with their AccuQuilt products, whereas some may share tips, tutorials, videos or even host a giveaway….but all the bloggers will have a common theme in that this Blog Hop is about AccuQuilt!    This event is something we all wanted to do, and is not a sponsored Blog Hop by AccuQuilt.

I wanted to share insights on the Tumbler Die, a tip for fussy cutting with an AccuQuilt, and a giveaway I hope you will want to enter to win!

The Tumbler die (#55020) for the AccuQuilt GO  cuts a 6 1/2″x 6 1/2″ tumbler that finishes to a 6″ tumbler block.  There are a variety of designs you can create with this die, from using the Tumblers in a row quilt, in borders, etc ..  I wanted to make a scrappy Halloween theme charity quilt, for a little kid. 


I like to mark my dies using a silver Sharpie permanent marker as it helps me identify placement of fabric on the die, to minimize waste.  I also like the “silver” Sharpie better than any other color, as it shows up better in pictures.  I’ve also started drawing lines 1/4″ from the blades, to help with fabric placement.  These lines are used when I cut strips of fabric, or fan fold my fabric on top of the die.  As this die creates a 6 1/2″x 6 1/2″ cut I’m willing to have scrap that is no more than 1/4″ inch on each side, but I typically end up with ~1/8″ inch scrap.  My trick is I precut strips the WOF at a 6 3/4″ or, if I’m lazy or really don’t care, I’ll cut a 7″ strip which leaves a 1/4″ on each side of the blades of this die.
I layered six different scrap fabrics and cut my 7″ strips and laid this stack on top of the die, with one end of the strip laying off one side.  You simply place the mat on top and roll the die thru the GO!  As you can see I end up with minimal scrap waste.


I also flipped my strip of fabric with each cut, where RSOF was up or down, depending on the angle of the cut vs the die, to minimize scrap.

It is difficult to see where your fabric will be cut, when you place your fabric on top of the die.  But here is a way to fussy cut with an AccuQuilt. First, I get a sheet of freezer paper that will completely cover the die.  I trace the outside of my die and cut a piece that perfect covers my die.  I then add that freezer paper to the top of my die, cover it with a mat, and use my GO! to cut the paper.   I can then place that freezer paper over the fabric that I want to fussy cut.  You may even want to iron it down, but I’m comfortable just holding it to where I want it and treat it like a viewing window. 

I lay my fabric on top of the die, place the cut freezer paper on top and line up the corners of the freezer paper with the corners of the die, being sure the cut freezer paper design is in the same layout as the die blades (e..g wide part of the tumbler die needs to be on the same side as the wide part of the paper).

If the freezer paper viewing window doesn’t show the fabric I want to fussy cut, I wiggle the fabric underneath till I get the fabric to line up the way I want.  Once I have the fabric positioned correctly I remove the freezer paper and set it aside.  Then I place the mat on top of the fabric and slide everything thru my GO!

And I end up with an easy way to fussy cut fabric with an AccuQuilt.  I can also do this cutting multiple layers, each fussy cut, but I’ll save those tips for another day, as this is a long post today {sorry}.

I wanted to add a giveaway to this Blog Hop to make it more fun.  I do hope you like this prize, and that it will also give some lucky winner a way to play with accurately cut fabrics cut with the GO!

The prize is 150 AccuQuilt cut tumbler blocks, using scrappy Halloween fabrics.  This is more than needed to make a 48″x78″ quilt top  using this free pattern from AccuQuilt.


To enter to win, simply leave a comment.  And be sure I can contact you if you win. No reply bloggers will not be eligible to win, unless you have your email in your comment.  Not sure if your settings are correct – click on my giveaway page and you’ll find tips about the middle of the page. 
While it only takes one comment to win, but if you want more chances, here are some opportunities:

1) Blog about the AccuQuilt Theme Blog hop and leave a comment.  If you already did, just let me know.  PR for this Blog Hop is appreciated.  Thank you!

2) If you are on the Team of Bloggers with AccuQuilt products (your site should be listed on the right hand column of my blog), you can leave a comment showing you are part of this team, for an extra entry.  Not part of this team, but want to join ?  Check out the page on this blog with the tab “Bloggers with AccuQuilt Products”.  You can sign up, but you won’t be eligible for the extra point in this giveaway {sorry, they’ll be other times}.

3) Visit all of the Bloggers participating in this AccuQuilt Theme Blog Hop, to see what they share on their respective day in this hop.  On the lst, after you’ve visited all the blogs, come back here and leave a comment to let me know you did so, for an extra entry.

4) Be a follower of SewCalGal and leave a comment, for an extra entry.

5) Be a follower of all the blogs participanting in this Blog Hop, and leave a comment, for an extra entry.
That gives you five ways to get an entry.  You can win with just one entry, but six definitely gives you better odds.  Good luck!
I’ll randomly select a winner on October 3rd.
Now, I hope you’ll GO! have fun visiting all the blogs that are participating in this Blog Hop.  Stay tuned, as on the last day of this Blog Hop., Friday, October lst, AccuQuilt will be sharing insights on their new Bundle of Joy and many of the Bloggers will AccuQuilt products will also be helping to spread the good news too.

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