Michaelanne Gephart at the San Dieqo Quilt Show

It was just about a year ago that I met and interviewed Michaelanne Gephart, owner of Flossie’s Quilting. I was excited to see some of her work at the recent San Diego Quilt show and wanted to share some of them with you. She is a very talented quilter and longarmer.

Sorbet by Michaelanne Gephart

Blueberry Fields by Mary Ann Folsom, machine quilted by Michaelanne Gephart

Blue Moon by Marlene Keith machine quilted by Michaelanne Gephart.

“A Tad Plaid”  by Michaelanne Gephart

It was fun to see this quilts in the show and I certainly admired Michaelanne’s longarm quilting skills, as well as her own quilts.  Just wish my photos could capture the true beauty.

Flossie’s Quilting
Michaelanne Gephart
San Diego, CA


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  1. Thanks for the quilter’s eye-candy. Love the Blueberry Fields, need to try and find this pattern. And really like the border treatment on Blue Moon.


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