Index of Videos on AccuQuilt Products, by Bloggers with AccuQuilt Products

There is a growing community of Bloggers with AccuQuilt products. Many have created great video tutorials. As I wanted a way to have an index to these great videos, I’ve created a mcklinky. Bloggers with AccuQuilt products, may add a link to their respective videos.

If you have questions please email SewCalGal.

Guidelines for adding to this mcklinky:
1.  Open to any blogger with an AccuQuilt product.
2.  In the title (description) please include a brief title, followed by your blog name.

If you would like to use the code for this linky in a post on your blog, please email me and I will send it to you. But I do ask that you also share guidelines for adding a link, if you post this mcklinky on your blog. If I can figure out how to leave a copy of the code here, I will. But for now I just end up with another mcklinky index.

AccuQuilt is also giving away 22 free quilt patterns for those that sign up for their newsletter. Simply click on the image below to sign up.


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