My Swap Options – Bloggers with AccuQuilt products Fabric Swap

I’m posting my swap options, for next weeks’ Bloggers with AccuQuilt products Fabric swap, a bit early. Technically, the plan is for ALL participants to post between Monday, October 18th thru Friday, October 22nd.  But as I’m getting questions from potential participants, I decided to get this post going early, in hopes that it also serves as an example,  and I reserve the right to update it on Monday morning.  Please keep in mind that each participant reserves the right to accept proposals for swaps, or tweak the rules.  This is the first time for this community to do this, and we really hope to have fun and create a way for those interested to try sewing accurately cut fabric, cut with an AccuQuilt product.

For my swap offering, I’ve decided to actual post four options.  But I will only commit to the two of the four, based on potential interest and agreement to swap (if anyone is interested in swapping with me and I’m interested in what they propose):

Option #1

I’m open to which dies, amount of yardage, which of these fabrics (or all).  There are several designs that I think this fabric would work.  How about the Drunkard’s Path? Tumbler ? Apple Core?   Chisel ? 6 1/2″ squares with Hearts,  Circles ?, Rectangle (aka Lg. Candy Bar Die)?,  3″ square and Triangles in square 3″ ?

Option #2

Similar to option #1 (above), I’m willing to cut any/all of this colorful fabric in various shades of blues, purplese, greens & pink, limited to each fabric being fat quarter in each bundle.  I think they’d work in just about any AccuQuilt die, especially those that I mentioned in option #1 previously.  But I also think they’d work quite well with fusible in the GO! Rose of Sharion die, GO! Round Flower,

Option #3

Similar to option #1 & #2 (above), I’m willing to cut any/all of this hand died fabric with fusible backing, or non-fused. You may want it cut with one or more dies mentioned above, but I’m thinking it might be fun to use the Arabesque #2 and/or Arabesque #3 on top of a batik (you provide the backing for this proposed applique cut, for any color combo of these hand died cottons. 

Option #4

If you want to send me your fabric, I will cut on any die that I have.  And, I might even be willing to buy a die that I don’t yet have, so that I can use it in the future too!  In this scenario, our swap might be something along the lines where I send you my fabric to cut on your dies (or you propose something non-AccuQuilt related as a swap….like a trip to Ireland).

If you are interested in any of these options, please email me and let me know what you have that you want to swap with.  Personally, I may wait to see how many might be interested in a swap and what all the proposals might be, before I commit to a swap.  But I’m looking forward to the opportunity of chatting with those considering a swap for my proposals, as well as using this as an opportunity to get to know my fellow Bloggers with AccuQuilt products better.

While most participants in this AccuQuilt cut fabric swap are interested in getting cuts made with dies that they may not have, I’m also open to other proposals, but my priority will be seeing if I can find a swap for dies that I do not have (e.g. GO! 6 1/2″ HST, GO! Double Wedding Ring, GO! Diamonds,  GO! Calico Cat, Gingham Dog, GO! Tulip, Studio Filigree Heart (any size), Studio Butterflies (any size), Studio Rabbit, Studio Pumpkin (any size), Studio snowflake (any snowflake), Studio Stocking Die, Studio Pennant,  or the Studio Purse.

Feel free toemail me if you have questions about my options for the swap.  As noted, I’m flexible on yardage cut (# of cut pieces), which fabrics shown are cut, or which dies.  My preference is to trade for cuts where I do not have the dies, but if a fantastic swap proposal comes thru (e.g. trip to Paris) I just might consider trading for something other than accurately cut fabric that was cut on an AccuQuilt product!

And, I hope you’ll check out all the proposed AccuQuilt cut fabric swaps that will be posted this week.  Click here


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  1. Feedback on the option, I like #4 the best. Another option that may work, make a Keepsake Quilting style die pack of pre-cut pieces in a given colorway. For example, 20 pink hearts with each heart being a different 100% quiltshop quality pink fabric. That might be the two options I will use. In fact, I could probably do all batiks in a given color.


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