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Are you participating in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival,  hosted by Amy’s Creative Side?  This fun show officially starts today and runs thru  November 5.  There isn’t any fee to enter and, as this show is a virtual quilt show, you can sit back and enjoy the show at your liesure.      

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival
I struggled with which quilt I wanted to enter in this show.  And then I realized exactly which quilt I felt was appropriate and hope you like it too!  This is a hand applique, machine quilted quilt.  The design, a Halloween Baltimore Album quilt is from P3 Designs, by Pearl P. Pereira.  Here a picture of the original design.
And here is a photo of this quilt made by my very talented friend, Bobbie Zinker.
This quilt spoke to me and said “I want to be in a quilt show”, but Bobbie was happy hanging it in her living room.  As I wanted to see this quilt shared, I asked Bobbie if it was ok if I entered her quilt in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival and she agreed.  So, my entry is Bobbie’s beautiful quilt.  Should I be lucky enough to win anything in this fun Festival, it will be given to Bobbie to thank you for sharing her beautiful quilt with all of us.
While her quilt is finished, I have several photos of this quilt, some of which were taken while she was still working on this quilt.  I want to share a variety of photos so you can pretend you standing up close, admiring this beautiful quilt.  The detail is amazing (far better than what my camera can capture).

I love the detail in this block, especially the candy corn.  Bobbie uses a hand applique technique (needle turn), and as you can see she changed the borders from the original design. 

And the detail in this block is amazing.  Love those little spiders.  It was beautifully machine quilted by Susan Davis, of Escondido, CA. 

I am also amazed at what a great job Bobbie did selecting fabrics for this quilt.  Love this cute Owl.
And this block is so cute!

Bobbie is always has spectacular borders on her quilts.   We tend to casually refer to these borders with a skinny strip (and sometimes two skinny strips), but it seems that the style needs a cute name.  Either way, I thought they looked great with this quilt and loved how she added the bats in each corner.

Yeap, Bobbie’s Halloween Baltimore Album Quilt looks great on her wall.  And I’m so happy she was willing to share it with us.  I hope you liked it too!
For those that are able to make it to Quilt Market, I do hope you’ll visit P3 Design’s  (booth #956).
And, for those that are not able to make it to Quilt Market, I hope you’ll visit all the blogs with quilts shared in Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival and have fun!  I know I’m going to enjoy visiting all the blogs and admiring all the beautiful entries.

I also hope you’ll consider participating in the upcoming Christmas Quilt Show.


29 thoughts on “Bloggers Quilt Festival – Halloween Quilt”

  1. I absolutely LOVE Bobbie’s quilt. She has amazing talent in all of her quilts as I’ve known Bobbie for years and have admired each of them. Thanks so much for posting this quilt. 🙂


  2. It’s so great to see the quilt finished! I’ve been working on mine for a while and have finished 10 of the blocks. Working on #11 and still have another block and the center block to finish. Bobbie, you did a beautiful job on yours!


  3. Bobbie’s quilt is beautiful I have admired this pattern for quite a while and thought it would be nice to make someday. After all the other projects!


  4. Bobbie does beautiful work! This quilt is gorgeous and the new border design is fabulous! It really gives the quilt a unique look. I’m so glad Bobbie let you share it with us.


  5. I saw that quilt as a block of the month and just fell in love with it, she did a great job. I thought the applique would have to be by hand, just beautiful. Do you know if she is going to do the Christmas one? If she does will you take pictures of it also?


  6. Love this pattern and how your frind adapted it, especially her border. Thanks to both of you for sharing.Hope you’ll be able to stop by and see my 2 blog entries1890 antique schoolhouse quilt and thenb/w&pink miniature


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