Cute jars

Sew Many Ways has an excellent tutorial for making some cute jars that make delightful storage and pin holders.  Love it.  And had to put it in my list of favorites.  I do hope you’ll pop over to Sew Many Ways, as they have a delightful blog…and I hope you’ll check out their tutorial for these cute jars.

5 thoughts on “Cute jars”

  1. Thanks for reminding me to look at her blog…some things she comes up with are awesome while some others I’d seen before. I’ve spotted this jar before in a craft store here…but now I will know how it was made! Hee!!


  2. Thanks so much for linking to my blog…very much appreciated. These make great holiday gifts for sewing friends too or any friend, for that matter. Who doesn’t have to sew on a button once in a while!! LOLThanks again, ~Karen~


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