Christmas Quilt Show Entry by MJ Baker

This entry to the Christmas Quilt Show comes from MJ Baker, a non-blogger that has submitted her entry to SewCalGal via email.

MJ shared:

This is the second quilt project I made when I first started quilting. It’s the pattern “Braid Runner”… a quilt-in-place pattern. It’s a table runner that I made for my sister-in-law, the gal that first inspired me to start quilting, and I made a duplicate for my mom too.

It’s a great pattern.

Beautiful! I hope you enjoy seeing MJ’s skinny quilt in the Christmas Quilt Show too!

Here is a link to view all of the quilts in the 2010 Christmas Quilt Show. 

note from SewCalGal to those entering this Quilt Show. Several comments are from those that have no reply settings. If in doubt, about your settings, please go check this post and take time to verify your settings will allow me to contact you if you win.


21 thoughts on “Christmas Quilt Show Entry by MJ Baker”

  1. MJ, you did a wonderful job with this table runner. I love all your fabrics!Thanks so much for including the no blogger entries. These ladies really should consider blogging if possible. I am really enjoying the show!…Karen


  2. I found Akiko’s whale pattern online last week and also ended up on Karen’s salvedge blog — you’d left a comment about wanting to make the whale and I didn’t know if anyone had answered your query. That little guy was featured in the April/May ’10 issue of SewNews. You can download a pattern for the individual pieces from here: There’s no assembly instructions and you do have to enlarge the pieces significantly to get the whale to the scale of all the pictures. I brought the image into my draw program, upped it appropriately, and made a PDF so I could tile the images for printing. I plan to do patchwork squares instead of salveges — and a polar fleece belly. *grin*


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