Christmas Quilt Show Entry by Tink Bruning Linhart

Here is a entry to the Christmas Quilt Show, which I received via email from a non-blogger,  Tink Bruning Linhard. 

Tink shared this information about this very special quilt:

This certainly isn’t a big spectacular Christmas quilt, but it’s a wall hanging that we made for our son, Jon, while he was serving with the USMC 1st Bn 3rd Reg in Iraq for Operation Phantom Fury and Operation Iraqi Freedom, October 2004 – February 2005.

Advent in the Desert.  Original Wallhanging created for our son while he was serving with the USMC in Falluja in Fall/Winter 2004.  Dick filled each daily pocket with a note.  To our surprise, Jon carried this with him and brought it home.  Its been washed once and we can not get the sand out of it.

SewCalGal is truly honored to have this special quilt in this show.  My heart feels warm and my eyes have tears in them, just knowing how special this quilt is.  Special thanks to Jon for serving and to Tink for sharing this heartwarming quilt, and her insights on it,  with all of us. 

Here is a link to view all of the quilts in the 2010 Christmas Quilt Show.

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18 thoughts on “Christmas Quilt Show Entry by Tink Bruning Linhart”

  1. This is a lovely wall hanging. What a great idea for someone when they are away from you.I enjoyed reading the story behind the quilt.Beautiful!!


  2. Thank you for sharing this quilt & it’s story. My son’s a Marine & daughter is Navy & both are away from home this Christmas season. And they both have special Christmas Stocking on the way to them. 🙂


  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful quilt that was so much home for your son. My son served as Marine in first Gulf war and had a denim quilt I made for him and that he kept with him all the time. Things of home are so important when our sons are far from home. Love Lois


  4. Beautiful quilt and beautiful story! What a good idea to put notes in the pockets. I bet your son’s heart was touched every time he opened one of them.


  5. That is such a special quilt, with such precious memories. I’m sure it gave your son comfort when he was away from home, and you such joy when he brought it home. Thank you for sharing this story with us.


  6. The best part of this story is he got home safely!My sister sent a Christmas hand painted wooden tree to her husband in Vietnam back in 1967……it came home safely with him too.Love this story of the Christmas tree quilt and the little advent notes….I bet it meant the world to him to have a little piece of home with him.Thank him for serving!Peace on earth andHappy Sewing.


  7. I love the gold garland on the tree. It’s a great wall hanging so nice for your son to treasure it so much. Please tell him thanks from me for serving in the military.


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