Quilt Show & Workshop Photography Tips

Many quilting enthusiasts like to take photographs at Quilt Shows and workshops.  All too often I’ve heard of a variety of problems, with some of the most common being “I forgot my camera” or “My battery died”.  Another one I hear about frequently is when someone accidently deletes pictures from their camera memory card!  As such, I started researching to see what tools were available to help when such an accident happens.

CardRecovery.com is the leading photo recovery software company for camera memory cards, made by WinRecovery Software.  It can help to resolve issues with lost, deleted, reformatted and/or corrupted photos and videos on a variety of memory cards. 

I ran this software thru several tests on a variety of cards, where I deleted photos and videos.  The majority of my 200+ files were fully recovered through simple steps that the software walks you thru.

I then reformatted these cards and ran the software again, and it was still able to recover all the images and videos. 

The software is very easy to install and use, with a couple of simple steps to recover your photos & videos.

You simply connect your camera or your memory card to your computer and click to have the software walk you thru the easy steps.

You select the drive letter for your camera or memory card, the file type, and the destination you want the recovered pictures to be placed.

 The software “quickly” scans to find the images.

There is an option to preview the images that the software has found.

And the final step to save your recovered photos is also very fast.

My conclusion is this software is very easy to use and is an excellent value.  While I’d truly love to see this software bundled with every digital camera and camcorder sold, I’m glad to know it is available to purchase online at a very reasonable price.  While I hope you never have a problem with your memory card, I wanted to let you know this software is available and really is easy to use and quite effective. 

So, when you go to your next quilt show or workshop, always remember to bring your camera, memory cards, and freshly charged batteries.  And keep in mind that CardRecovery.com is there to help you if you have any memory card problems!

This software supports almost all memory card types including SmartMedia, Compact Flash CF, Secure Digital Card SD, Memory Stick, MicroDrive, xD Picture Card, Multimedia Card MMC and much more. Additional specs for this software are available online.

WinRecovery Software
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Bradenton, FL 34203

Email: sales@winrecovery.com

US Toll-Free Fax: 1-866-691-8331


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  1. Great post! Still one thing that always amazes me is that people keep so many photos in their camera. Download them and back them up. I keep them online so I know their safe.


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