Sneak Peek at what Santa is bringing me

Here is a sneak peek on what Santa is bringing me for Christmas.  But you have to promise to keep it a surprise!

I’ve been wanting some bent handle embroidery scissors for ages.  Santa ordered these 6″ Double-Curved Machine Embroidery and Long Arm Quilting Scissors from IHAN for me.

And, Santa knows how I want to learn new free-motion quilting techniques so he also ordered “Master machine Quilting DVD” by Susan Brubaker Knapp, from IHAN, for me too!

But I was a bit impulsive and couldn’t wait till Christmas morning and pulled out those curved scissors while doing some machine embroidery.  They work great, making it very easy to trim threads while in the hoop.  And for those that do longarm quilting, they’d also be a perfect tool for them too!

I can’t wait till Christmas to officially be able to open up and play with my Christmas gifts. I’m so excited. And I promise to act surprised Christmas morning, but I think Santa may be more surprised.  And of course, he’ll be pleasantly surprised as IHAN has such great prices too!

Plus, a little birdie just told me that IHAN is having free shipping, on US orders, thru December 5th.   Yes, this definitely makes Santa very happy.  Great products, prices, service and free shipping. Santa may not have to go out on a cold winter night to deliver packages this year.



14 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at what Santa is bringing me”

  1. cool – nice to know in advance isn’t it – I do believe I am getting some quilting caddies from Hinterburg design but I found someplace that sells them for less – I made sure Santa knows about the lower price 🙂 I really need these and it is going to be so much fun filling up these delightful wood drawersKaren


  2. I have some to the scissors and I have 2 bernina embroidery /sewing machines. so I guess I need to get the quilting book. I sure need lots of help there. Actually need help everywhere. lol


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