Quilters By The Sea

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of presenting to “Quilters By The Sea” (QBS) Quilt Guild in Long Beach, CA..  All of the members were very friendly, talented and committed to helping others. QBS is a nonprofit corporation promoting quilting excellence through education and philanthropic projects.

This year QBS members made 290 beautiful quilts that were given to the following programs:  Long Beach Battered Women’s Shelter, St. Mary’s Medical Center Pediatrics, Long Beach Police Department, “For The Child”, New Life Beginnings, and the VA hospital in Long Beach. 

In addition to the quilts, a variety of toys, clothing items, gift cards, toiletries and other items made and/or donated by members were also given to these programs, as appropropriate.

The meeting ceremonies were very touching, as representatives from these programs were presented with beautiful bundles of quilts, and monetary donations were also given to several programs too.  In addition to all of the above, QBS  gave two $250 scholarships to a program at the Long Beach Community College, for students studying clothing designs. 

The heartfelt appreciation from representatives of these programs brought tears to my eye and QBS will forever have a soft spot in my heart.

I also learned insight on their fun guild challenge for 2011, where members select 5 UFOs that when they complete they will share with members and be eligible to win prizes.  What a great quilt guild challenge!  And I can tell from the QBS calendar, they also have great speakers and workshops throughout the year.

As such, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to QBS for all they do to help others.  And, thank you for having me come to their wonderful quilt guild.  I had a wonderful time and was truly inspired with your Quilt Guild.

Ok…as I expect some of you are wondering what SewCalGal would present to a Quilt Guild, my presentation focused on “Emerging Opportunities on the Internet for Quilters”.  My goal was to increase awareness and inspire QBS Guild members to have fun following blogs and/or creating their own blog, or even tweeting or playing on Facebook.  The virtual quilting community is actively growing, and filled with inspirational quilt shows, challenges, contests, fun giveaways, quilt-alongs and more. 

What is your favorite aspect of belonging to the virtual world of quilters?


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  1. I think…no I know my favorite part of blogging about my quilting is the community it builds. I can’t express how cool it is to post something I am working on and receiving feedback from people around the country who care enough to both watch my blog and comment. With no quilty friends local to me, the online community fuels my urge to craft and blog about it. BTW, I need to join QBS as I’m in their neighborhood!


  2. My BBFF (Blog Best Friends)are more diverse than my local quilt friends. I can connect with modern, improv, appliquers…all in 5 minutes. They always give encouragement and give advice when asked. I can find a mentor or a peer for just about anything I want to try. And unlike local groups that meet once a month…I can connect with quilters whenever it works in MY schedule.


  3. The internet makes everyone so instantly connected, whether through blogs, quilting forums, shopping links, etc., and I think my favorite part is the people I’ve met along the way from all over the world. We are virtual friends. I’ve been fortunate to meet 15-20 forum quilters and wonderful quilting teachers in our travels, including some right here in San Diego.


  4. My blog is not even one year old, but in that year I have become a quilter. That’s a designation I wouldn’t have attributed to myself one year ago. I’ve joined five quilt alongs, met some very nice people online, learned tons, and enjoy reading and just plain seeing what other quilters/sewers are doing. I still see myself as a crafter since I like to do other needle crafts, but being online has opened up so many avenues of interest, and allowed me to meet so many people across the miles.


  5. The inspiration! I love surfing and finding the most awesome quilts, the easiest quick patterns, the most complex and intricate designs, the fabulous colors, the newest fabrics. It fairly boggles the mind 🙂


  6. Now this group is my kind of quilters! Awesome donating spirit! And what a perfect theme for a talk…I am the only blogger in my local quilt guild of about 400 women and probably the only one out of them except for 2 who read it 😉 It’s makes for interesting conversations when one of them will come up to me and blankly ask how I am, or what I do with my quilting;) The communication age is truly that….and its such a mind opening experience to learn how to join in!


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