Guess the Designer Challenge Part 1 & Part 2

It has been a long time since I’ve held a Guess the Designer Challenge.  So, I feel like I should clarify how these work….
As one of my goals has been to increase my ability of recognizing designers by their quilting designs and styles, as well as research and learn about more designers, I thought it would be fun to hold a two part challenge where a photo(s) is posted and you get a chance to guess who the designer is.  When the correct guess is placed this post is updated (Part 2) sharing more insight about this designer.  And, the person that correctly guessed the designer gets recognized on the Guess the Designer Challenge page of my blog too!
So here is a photo of part of a quilt.  Can  you correctly guess the name of this designer?

Part Two

Greg Bryson (Flat Out Quilting) was the first to correctly guess this designer, based on the snippet of a photo of a quilt.  Greg is also now listed in the “Designer Challenge” page (aka Hall of Fame for being able to correctly guess designers by photos of their quilts).

This designer is the very talented Sarah Vedeler.  Sarah designed and  made this spectacular GO! Be Dazzeled Quilt. 

This quilt also recently won First Place, at the International Quilt Festival Houston, in the Computer-Aided Machine Embroidery category of the 2010 “A World of Beauty”. This was the first time Sarah has entered a quilt in the IQA show. Congratulations to Sarah Vedeler!

GO! Be Dazzled was created with popular GO! designs cut out from the GO! Round Flower, GO! Funky Flower, GO! Star-2”, 3”, 4”, GO! Heart-2”, 3”, 4”, GO! Feathers, GO! Circle-2”, 3”, 5” and GO! Diamonds dies, which are all also compatible with the new GO! Baby™ Fabric Cutter, to make the beautiful quilt top. Sarah then embellished the motifs with her own artistry by adding computer-aided machine embroidery to complete her work of art.

Sarah Vedeler and AccuQuilt have partnered together on new designer GO! dies featuring Sarah’s Sparkle Tree collection and Stars collection. In addition, Sarah Vedeler Designs offers digitalized embroidery motifs to accompany the new dies. GO! fabric cutting dies as well as the GO! Baby™


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