Fun Machine Embroidery Christmas Projects

I like to machine embroidery (ME) tea towels (lightweight dish towels) and include in baskets of homemade cookies, for gifts to neighbors and friends at Christmas.  I haven’t finished baking treats, but wanted to share insights on this fun ME project.

The beautiful “M” and “C” are from the Christmas Fonts collection, by and the cute little mouse is from Pixies Rule.   These ME designs stitched out very easily and with great quality, detail and fun.

Now I just need to bake some yummy cookies to go into the gift basket with this cute dish towel. 


9 thoughts on “Fun Machine Embroidery Christmas Projects”

  1. Now that is cute! I don’t know why I love these kind of mice.. cuz the real ones give me the heebie jeebies.. but I love the mice that are like… House Mouse etc.. just LOVE them.. it doesn’t make any sense.. but.. this is truly fantastic..


  2. I like the Christmas font you used…. checked out the website and almost didn’t recognize that the blue font was the same as what you did in red. They look so different, but no worries, looks great in both colors. Thanks!


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