Merry Christmas

Christmas decorations certainly get me into the holiday spirit.  I was cataloging some photos, using the new “tag” feature in Windows 7.  I enjoyed looking at some older photos of Christmas quilts that I wanted to share with you, and wish you a very Merry Christmas too!

{above} Wallhanging, by Martha A. Norstrand (More Quilts Please).  Martha was a Featured Artist at the Road to California 2009 quilt show and she will be teaching at the 2011 Road2CA show too!

{above} Christmas Chickadee by David M. Taylor.  This beautiful quilt was displayed at the Road to California Quilt Show in 2009.
{above} table topper made by Ann Conn
{above} Wallhanging, by Karen Zappone
{above} Wallhanging, by Judy Leftwich
{above} This cute Christmas tree design was displayed in a quilt shop called “Material Possessions”, in Lake Forest, CA.  which closed their doors and later reopened under a different name, with new owners.  I do have several patterns by Material Possessions, but there are quite a few more that I’d like to get.  I understand the owner of the original Material Possesssions may be at Road to California in 2011, where I’m hoping to be able to buy some more of her designs and gain insights on her new online business (tbd site?).
{above} This beautiful row style Christmas Quilt was made by Marcia Monroe and exhibited at the Orange County Quilt Show in 2005.

{above} This whimsical quilt was also made by Marcia Monroe and exhibited at the Orange County Quilt Show in 2005.  The name for this cute quilt is fun and inspirational “UFOs Never Melt”.

This new photo “tag” feature in Windows 7 allows you to add a number of tags to a photo or group of photos, without needing to change the file name.  You could easily include a tag for the name of the quilter, designer, show (event), etc..  Steps are quite simple:

When you view your photos from windows explorder you can click on the photo (s) you want to tag.  You will see a menu bar that will show “Tags: Add a tag”.  You click on the add a tag and type in how you want to tag this photo.  In my case I used “Christmas Quilt”.  After you type your description in a “Save” button will appear on this same menu bar and you’ll need to click save.

After you have added a tag to one or more pictures, when you do a search on that description (tag) you will find all photos (and other files) that have that description in the name of the file or tag.

I find this new feature in Windows 7 to be very helpful in organizing my photos, as well as helping to see if I have more than one photo of the same quilt or more copies of the same photo(and may want to delete). 

Again, I do hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

While you may already be thinking about the New Year, but either way I want to invite everyone to come to Southern California  January 20-23rd for the Road to California Quilt Show, at the Ontario Convention Center.  It is also near Disneyland, shopping, restaurants and great hotels.  Might just be a perfect winter getaway for some that live out of the area and want to get out of the snow and enjoy a wonderful quilt show.


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  1. I just love christmas quilt, thanks for sharing . I’m way behind on my blog again, but wanted to thank you for the beautiful calendar I won during you Christmas quilt show. Have a very Merry Christmas & New Years.


  2. Hi Lady…Just stopped in to say Merry Christmas. Thank you for the boost this year, I have learned a lot from you. I appreciate you.Have a wonderful holiday!Love,Lana


  3. I am strolling along the Blog Roll at Holly Jolly Blog Bingo.Thanks for sharing that info and the pics are great.Happy Holidays,gramigramisews at gmail dot com


  4. Merry Christmas and thanks so much for the quilt show! Now, I truly feel in the mood for the holidays…nothing better than Christmas quilts hung all over the place and I didn’t have to pound a single nail 😉


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