UFO Goals for 2011

I am coming forward and admitting  to the world that I have a large number of UFOs that are taking up an unacceptable amount of space in my itty bitty sewing room.  My sewing room is actually getting smaller as a result of a growing number of quilt tops and other UFO projects that take up space.

I need to focus on completing my UFOs so they can be banned from my sewing room, freeing up space to create a more organized sewing room and more exciting projects.     So, I’ve decided that 2011 will (continue to)  have quilty goals that include a significant reduction in my UFO list.  I will strive hard to focus on finishing UFOs, with minimal new projects (that can be done primarily from my stash) in 2011.

And, I’ve concluded I need to be held accountable for these goals so I’ve decided to sign up for Judy Laquidara’s (Patchwork Times) UFO Challenge.  Judy is encouraging quilters to work on their UFOs, with a plan to complete 12 in 2011. 

I was nervous as to which 12 I should pick.  But I pretty much decided any 12 would be good.  Thus,  I present my top twelve (12) UFO goals for 2011:

1. Christmas Quilt – wallhanging embellishment project

2. Bella Bella quilt.  I honestly can’t remember when I took this workshop, but I’m certain everyone that attended has completed their project.  I even hosted several sew-cials, after the workshop, for attendees to work on their Bella Bella quilt.  I’d love to finish this as I have dreams of making another one.

3. My lst Schnibbles Quilt has the top finished, backing ready to go.  Needs to be sandwiched and quilted. I’d love to finish it ASAP, as I’m biting at the bit to make more Schnibbles quilts.

4. Valentine’s Heart Wallhanging was a project that I started with a group of quilty friends.  I think everyone else has finished theirs, but mine has ended up with only the applique pieces cut.  Picture shown is a sample.

5. Scrappy snowball quilt top with kitties. I need to add a border to this scrap quilt that I made in a Snowball Quilt-Along in 2011.  This is to be a charity quilt that helped consume fabrics in my stash.

6.  I’ve had fun attending some of Monica’s Desert Quilt Retreats and finished all of the mystery quilts made at this retreat, except this one.  I mixed up the pieces and simply need to pull it out and fix this issue, add the borders, select a backing and quilt it. 

Update:  As this was selected as the UFO to work on in January, I was able to track down this UFO that had been well hidden in my sewing room for ages.  I spent time reverse sewing to straighten out the setting blocks vs corner blocks and added the borders.  Started off trying to do a fancier border but soon learned that I didn’t have enough fabric.  While this could have taken me down the road of keeping this project in the UFO state, I stayed true to my goal and finished this top.  While I had lofty dreams of quilting it myself, I concluded I don’t have the FMQ talents to quilt the open space to the quality that I’d like.  Thus, I was able to drop this quilt off at a longarmer mid-January, but I do not yet have it back. Binding is ready and waiting for this quilt to return. In the meantime, the 2nd half of January I spent working on other UFOs.

7.  Charity quilt.  I’ve made many quilts like this one, as I decided to use up my pastel stash.  All were charity quilts. Some have been finished and a few are still in my UFO stash, taking up space.  I decided to include one of these in my 2011 UFO goals, but hopefully will finish all of them in 2011. 

8.  Purse made with an interesting threadplay technique.  I had a lot of fun getting it to this stage and dreamed of making many of these quilts for gifts, but have yet to finish this one.  Seems like it would be wonderful if I could finish it by Valentines Day, but as I’ve said that a few times, I’ll be happy if I finish it in 2011.

9. Berries Jubilee Table Topper/Walllhanging.  I’ve always wanted to make a Cathedral Windows quilt.  In Fall ’09, I took a workshop with Shelly Swanland and started this project.  I now have the table topper finished, but need to sandwich and do the machine quilting.  Note:  Picture shown is a sample, not my project.  I’ll update this post as soon as I can photograph mine.  It basically has three of these blocks.

10.  Santa Wallhanging.  I have the quilt top pretty much complete, with the exception of a shiny belt buckle. I’ll update this post with a picture soon.

update:  I am excited to see that this will be our February UFO project.  The hunt has started to find where in my sewing room I have this project stored. I’ll try to post a photo as soon as I can find it.  LOL!

11.  Floral applique quilt from a workshop with Melinda Bula.  I have some of the fabric pieces cut for this wallhanging.  I will update this post as soon as I have enough to photograph.  But in theory, this is what my UFO is supposed to look like:

12.  Little Garden theme wallhanging.  I loved this machine embroidery design, but was probably never very happy with the fabric I picked from my stash for the border.  And then I couldn’t decide what color to use for the binding, so never finished this UFO.  Yet, is another one that I had had lofty goals of making others similar.  The Machine Embroidery design set comes with many beautiful ME designs.  I’d be happy to finish this one in 2011.

I am also excited that Pat Sloan is hosting a New Year’s Eve Weekend UFO Busting Party with a Luau theme this coming weekend.  I’m going to join in the fun and start working on my UFOs. 

I hope you will consider joining me in Judy’s 2011 UFO Challenge and/or Pat’s New Year’s Eve Weekend UFO Busting Party.  These are both good ways to have fun while finishing your UFOs.

This post will be updated over time, as part of Judy’s 2011 UFO Challenge. As I understand it, Judy will pick a number each month and that will determine which UFO the participants will work on.  And, hopefully you’ll see that I finish all 12 of these UFOs (and more) in 2011.  I also think finishes need to be celebrated, so my giveaways in 2011 may take on timing to celebrate my finishes.  So, please do hold me accountable to finishing these UFOs in 2011.


29 thoughts on “UFO Goals for 2011”

  1. Lofty goals! My quilty-group has issued a kind of an “own up” challenge – we’re all actually making and posting a list of all of our UFO’s. I don’t think I could do 12 in a year, but half of mine are applique – good luck with yours! I’m not even going to try to not start any new as I’ve bought for several new ones!


  2. Yikes! Maybe I should be working on my WIP’s (I refuse to call them UFO’s as I am constantly working on them in my mind:) instead of starting new projects – as I did today. I had good intentions, but then my new GO! dies arrived and well…Good for you, Darlene – I’m going to think about finishing some of mine too.


  3. good luck to you!I joined Myra’s 6 month challenge, I think 12 months is too much of a committment for me, but I am going to try and finish 8 projects by June 30th. They are all finished tops, I have backings for some, and need backings for three.I will be jumping in wiht Pat too, I am on her mashup =) Great idea to start the year off on the right foot! I hope to have one to the binding phase by the end of the weekend, maybe two!


  4. I know what you mean about Schnibbles. Made my first a couple weeks ago and now am bitten by the bug. A Bella Bella is on my someday list… I’ll be bookmarking your blog to follow your progress. Good luck with your goals.


  5. Beautiful choices!! I especially love #2 and #4.. although they are all lovely. The valentines one should be great for a February finish.. huh..?? LOL. I can’t sign up for the UFO 2011 as I only have 2 quilts in the works at this time, although I am working on finishing them both. I do have an idea that I would love to start an applique.. but darn.. I don’t want too many UFOs either.


  6. Congrats on your goal and posting pictures. I didn’t post pictures, just my long list, but already finished the first one…onward and upward.Good luck.


  7. i would love to know how, in #6, you figure out which squares get which little corner of which fabric – does that make sense? I can figure out how you make the blocks, but i’d go crazy trying to figure out how to know how to make those corner triangles line up, colorwise. Do you have a pattern or tutorial? thanks! nice site, I’m bookmarking it.


  8. Note to Cheryl..you are a no reply blogger so I can not respond to your commment to provide you some tips on how to make these simple snowballs.email me and I’ll gladly try to help you.SewCalGal


  9. You are one brave woman. My UFO’s are mostly just cut and I didn’t like the direction I was taking. I thought about taking the challenge, but, I always have the option of just dumping them into the scrap pile. I wonder if that would count?


  10. Happy New Year. Oh no, UFO’s? I have a mile long list but with my miniatures. Now that I am in love with quilting there will be more – but of the quilting kind?Well, color me happy. (o:Love your Blog.Hugs.


  11. Darlene,Now that’s a list!!! lol! You got me thinking, I think I only have 3 (?) UFO’s. So, I will make a commitment to finish my Wonky Log Cabin QAL (hosted by Quilt Dad & ORB) in January. Thanks for the inspiration!!!YOU GO GIRL!!!


  12. Good for you! I’ve considered Judy’s challenge as well, but really doubt I can finish any quilt in a month….I just take my time, but one of my goals is also finishing some quilt tops from swap blocks I’ve participated in the past and to play with my Go in cutting up the scrap bin fabrics…have a great year!


  13. Good luck with your UFOs for 2011. In part I actually started my blog to keep a record of my quilting and what I do on the last day of the year is a review of what actually got accomplished from my New Years list, what still remains on the list as well as what new things happened. Then on the first of the New Year I do another post with my goals for the coming year. I use those goals as a guide since some of the projects are ones that I do need to get done, some are nice to get done and then there will always be new things that come up throughout the year to bump things LOL.


  14. Wow, nice list! I’m in the 2011 UFO challenge along with you, but most of my projects hae a great deal of piece work left to do.I’m looking forward to seeing your progress this year.Cheers,Dionne


  15. Great job! You are a smart woman to acknowledge your limitations and hand the project over so it will get done. I can’t wait to see it at guild.


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