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As a blogger, I have more experience with Google Blogger than other blogging tools. I’ve wanted to migrate to a WordPress blog for a very long time. I also wanted to make this migration a learning experience. While I still have a lot to learn, January 2015 I bit the bullet and made the change.  For now I’m looking for help with:

Here are some things I’m currently trying to figure out:
– how to do numbered comments? If I use rafflecopter for giveaways, I don’t need numbered comments. But there are times I don’t want to use rafflecopter.
– RSS/Email Feeds – currently using Feedburner, but when anyone adds to their Blogger List of Blogs they follow, it shows up as:

feedbulletinI don’t know how to stop it showing up as “FeedBulletin for QuiltShopGal” vs the more traditional Blog Name/Post Title.  The “FeedBulletin is something I’d like to eliminate but haven’t yet figured out how to stop it.

– Still playing around with WordPress PlugIns and Widgets to be able to show a page category list, at a summary level with photos.  I can show a category list of blog post titles, but not quite where I want to be able to show a title, summary, image that is linked to the actual post with more details.
– any general recommendations you may be able to share

I’m still cleaning up old posts, primarily focusing on cleaning up images that imported with an watermark that I’d want to get rid of.  This will take awhile. I used a widge to watermark, during the transport, that I really don’t like.



List of Tutorials for Bloggers:

How to create a Blog Header Image


WordPress Widgets:

TinyMCE Advanced – recommended for formatting, by Marian (Seams to be Sew)


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