Lighted Seam Ripper & Magnifier, by Mighty Bright

I had the opportunity to evaluate the new “Lighted Seam Ripper & Magnifier“, by Mighty Bright and wanted to share insights with you.

This seam ripper is very lightweight and has a comfortable ergometric design.  The 4x magnifier is a perfect size to help rip fine threads, and the Mighty Bright LED light really helps to highlight where you want to do some “reverse sewing”.  Overall, I found this product very easy to use and definitely easy on the eyes.  At a retail price of $9.99 one could also say that this product is easy on the pocket book too!

I believe this seam ripper is going to be very popular with quilting and sewing enthusiasts that have a difficult time seeing threads embedded in seams.  But, while this seam ripper does cut threads, the blade is a little too thick and not quite as sharp as other seam rippers, thus this wouldn’t be a seam ripper that I would recommend for machine embroidery enthusiasts.  I found the blade on this seam ripper doesn’t work well with dense stitches, as one finds with machine embroidery projects.

I am checking with the Manufacturer to be able to share a list of retailers where you can find this seam ripper in stock, and I will update this post as I know more.  But you can order it from Mighty Bright online.  And I’ve also heard that Cozy Quilt Shop online, will be shipping this product early January.