Lighted Seam Ripper & Magnifier, by Mighty Bright

I had the opportunity to evaluate the new “Lighted Seam Ripper & Magnifier“, by Mighty Bright and wanted to share insights with you.

This seam ripper is very lightweight and has a comfortable ergometric design.  The 4x magnifier is a perfect size to help rip fine threads, and the Mighty Bright LED light really helps to highlight where you want to do some “reverse sewing”.  Overall, I found this product very easy to use and definitely easy on the eyes.  At a retail price of $9.99 one could also say that this product is easy on the pocket book too!

I believe this seam ripper is going to be very popular with quilting and sewing enthusiasts that have a difficult time seeing threads embedded in seams.  But, while this seam ripper does cut threads, the blade is a little too thick and not quite as sharp as other seam rippers, thus this wouldn’t be a seam ripper that I would recommend for machine embroidery enthusiasts.  I found the blade on this seam ripper doesn’t work well with dense stitches, as one finds with machine embroidery projects.

I am checking with the Manufacturer to be able to share a list of retailers where you can find this seam ripper in stock, and I will update this post as I know more.  But you can order it from Mighty Bright online.  And I’ve also heard that Cozy Quilt Shop online, will be shipping this product early January.

Rowenta Pressure Iron and Steamer

When at the Mogel Mountain Quilt Retreat, this fall, I had a chance to use the Rowenta Pressure Iron and Steamer.  Wow, is this a great iron.  It was always very hot and and the weight of this iron really made it  great for pressing.  There were several irons available at this retreat, but this was my absolute favorite at this retreat and for any iron I’ve ever used previously.  Loved it.

I haven’t told my existing Rowenta iron that I’m dreaming of an upgrade.  My current Rowenta has been very good to me for many, many years and will probably do a great job for many more to come.  But there is something about this Pressure Iron and Steamer that has certainly caught my eye. 
Do you have a dream iron or are you dreaming of a particular iron?

2011 Quilt Calendars, by That Patchwork Place

There are 80 days left until 2011 arrives on our doorsteps, which means 74 days until Christmas.  I think it is time to start thinking about 2011 calendars. 

I wanted to share insights on two 2011 calendars, from That Patchwork Place, that I think are spectacular.  Of course, That Patchwork Place always creates high quality books and other printed material, so of course, their calendars are top notch too!  

That Patchwork Place  Quilt Calendar 2011 is a lovely 12″x12″ calendar, with a dozen spectacular quilts. 

Personally, I love using a calendar that inspires me.  Even better when the calendar contains projects, with a step-by-step instruction, for all the quilts included in the calendar.

And, this calendar is packed with designs from popular designers such as Kim Diehl, Sally Schneider, Cynthia Tomaszewski, and Karla Alexander.

There is a nice flow of quilts, in a variety of methods and styles, from scrappy quilts, folk-art styles, fusible applique’, patchwork and more.  I also picked up a feeling of change of of seasons, as the quilt designs and colors seem to softly reflect the respective month on the calendar.

This is beautiful calendar that would also make a lovely gift.

2011 Calendar Award-Winning Quilts Featuring Quilts from the International Quilt Association is also a spectacular calendar, full of inspirational quilts.

This beautiful calendar features 13 award-winning quilts from the 2009 “Quilts: A World of Beauty” juried show.

Caryl Bryer Fallert, Karen Stone, Robbi Joy Eklow, many other talented quilt designers are included in this amazing calendar.

Like going to a spectacular quilt show, this calendar fills you with inspiration.   It is also a calendar that would make a wonderful gift.

This is certainly a great time to select a calendar for 2011 for you to use, and maybe even for a gift for quilting friends!

CutRite Bind Up Ruler by Quilter’s Paradise

The CutRiteTM Bind Up Ruler, by Quilter’s Paradise is an excellent tool to help finish your binding.  It enables an accurate way to match up the ends of your binding, in an easy and fast manner.  While I’ve been manually matching my binding for years, and thought I was doing a great job, I was really amazed how much easier it was using this tool.  As such, I wanted to share insights with you about this great ruler. 

No measuring is required.  You simply use the ruler to mark the left side of your binding and the right side of the binding, cut, stitch, finished and wa la you’ll have perfectly bound binding – every time!

There is even an excellent  video tutorial online and the ruler comes with instructions that are well written and contain great visuals that walk you thru every step.  Basically you lay this ruler on the left side of your binding, line it up onthe etched cross marks, mark your fabric and cut.  Then you rotate the ruler and do the same on the right side of the binding.  After these two key steps you are ready to sew your binding together, where you’ll get perfectly matched binding every time!  I love it!

This ruler can be purchased online from Quilter’s Paradise.  For wholesale information, please contact your Brewer sales representative or visit Brewer’s web site.

It is amazing how simple this ruler is and what a helpful tool it is for quilters of all levels.  It would also make a nice gift for a quilting friend!

Quilter’s Paradise
1451 Montiel Road
Suite 140
Escondido, California 92026
(760) 738-9677
(760) 738-9877 (fax)

Looking for Christmas Gift Ideas?

It always takes me awhile to think of gift ideas, so this year I started compiling a list early.  And I think it is such a great list I wanted to share it with you.  Hopefully this list will give you an idea for a perfect gift for someone, or be something you may want for Christmas and you can share with someone who might be trying to find a gift for you.  This list might be something you want to buy and give, or buy for insights on making a gift.

Disclaimer:  This is my list of suggested gift ideas.  The companies, designers, or authors did not pay me (or bribe me) to include them in this list.  I just truly think these are delightful items that would make a wonderful gift, or might be something you would want to have.

Book:  “Comfort and Joy 14 Quilts for Christmas“, by Mary Hickey.  This book would also help you make some delightful Christmas gifts too!

Zundt Designs Machine Embroidery Designs or gift certificate.

Book:  “Cute as a Button Quilts”, by Joni Pike, from C&T Publishing.  provides high quality paper piecing designs, books, DVDs and other items for those that love paper piecing.  SewCalGal encourages everyone to try this English Paper piecing quilting method, as it is great fun and results in perfect piecing, and the projects are very portable, making it great for projects to take on trips.

Books:  “French Braid Quilts”, written by Jane Hardy Miller and Arlene Netten, or the book “French Braid Obsession”, by Jane Hardy Miller.  Both published by C&T  Publishing.

ArtBin storage products:  SuperSatchel Series, Tote Folio, pencil cases and other ArtBin storage products would be delightful gifts for any sewing, quilting or embroidery enthusiast!

Indygo Junction has many delightful designs and accessories.  I think their Building Blocks Bag pattern would make a great gift, and I also think making these bags and giving them as gifts would be absolutely wonderful.  I know I’d love to receive this pattern or bag as a gift.  But then they have many wonderful items that would make for a lovely Christmas gift, and/or help you make a lovely Christmas gift.


Books, tools, notions or gift certificates from C&T Publishing.

For Machine Embroidery Enthusiasts, I think a gift of Embird Software would be be delightful for those that want to learn to develop skills to create their own designs, combine designs, easily add text to designs, as well as reformat purchased designs.  Embird is a versatile software package that I truly view as a must have for machine embroiderers.

Educational DVDs from  They offer a large selection of excellent educational DVDs.

Superior Threads provides a large selection of threads, pre-wound bobbins, and various items.  I’d love to receive a set of MasterPiece threads or a package of Texture Magic  for Christmas.  And I believe a set of Superior Metallic Threads would make a wonderful gift. And they have many more products that would make a wonderful gift, as well as help you make a wonderful gift to give to someone.
For Machine Embroidery enthusiasts, embroidery designs or a gift certificate to Kitty Kitty Designs.   
Electric Quilt company has many delightful products.  I think EQ6 software or one of their delightful books would make a wonderful gift.

Snapware storage products.  I love their 2 layer and 3 layer square stackable totes for large projects, or storing fabric.  They also have many other small and medium size stackable totes that are very versatile and quite durable.

AccuQuilt products (Studio, Go, dies, patterns, etc) or gift certificates would make a great product for an experienced and even a new quilter!

Sulky  offers a variety of products for the sewing, quilting & embroidery enthusiast.  They have a delightful selection of threads, stablizers, books and many other items.  All of which would make a delightful gift, as well as help you make a wonderful gift to give someone.

A portable mustache trimmer, to help with reverse sewing/embroidery projects. Plus, this type of gift just creates fun.  How many people can say their “girlfriend” gave them a mustache trimmer?

Wrights’ SideWinder Portable Bobbin Winder.

Quilt In A Day has a large selection of fantastic books, patterns, fabrics, rulers, templates,  or gift certificates. And they also hold wonderful classes, as well as offer great educational DVDs.  And you’ll find more products at their sister store, include their delightful books “Day & Night“, Victory Quilts,  and other great books.  And oh so many fun patterns, including her Signature Pattern: Tossed Nine Patch.

Kay Mackenzie of Quilt Puppy Publications and Designs offers many delightful patterns and books. Baskets to Applique and Teapots 2 Applique would also be fun books to make a beautiful quilt with next Spring.

For Machine Embroidery enthusiasts, “blanks” from All About Blanks make a great gift.  And All About Blanks has high quality products that make for perfect machine embroidery items.

Pearl P. Pereira Designs of P3 Designs offers a large selection of patterns.  I also recommend her Travel Mate I & II, Tool Case and Travel Case designs as being great gift ideas, as well as many of her other designs.

A class or gift certificate to Quilt Campus

Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries has a great selection of fabrics, designs and books that would make delightful gifts.   Her book “Basic Beauties, Big & Small” book is absolutely delightful.

Elaine Waldschmitt, of The Quilted Closet, has some wonderful patterns & books.  I think her book “appli-curves” would be a lovely gift, as well as her book “Embellishment Potpourri”, along with many other of her books & patterns.

Olfa products  make a delightful gift for a beginner or experienced quilter.  Quilters never have too many new rotary blades, and new mats are also appreciated.  But I also want to recommend this 17″ rotating mat.  It is lightweight and portable, perfect to take to workshops & sew-cials, as well as use at home.  I know I’d love to receive Olfa products for a Christmas gift!

Book:  “Batik Beauties”, by Laurie J. Shifon.

Gutermann Thread has a large selection of beautiful threads that would make a lovely Christmas gift, as well as help make beautiful items to giveaway.

Simplicity Bias Tape Maker

For the Machine Embroidery Enthusiasts, machine embroidery designs by Vermillion Stitchery.  They have a delight set of cross stitch cat & puppy angel designs, a lovely collection of butterfly designs, and many more designs that are all high quality designs.

Gloves In A Bottle has some wonderful moisterizers that help with the dryness for those working with fabric textiles.

Quilts With A Twist has many wonderful designs.    I love the “I Spy With A Twist” design and am wanting to try “Alaska Toss” next.

Tracey Brookshire  has many wonderful designs that I think would make a wonderful Christmas Gift, as well as help you create projects that are wonderful gifts.

Madeira thread has delightful threads that a perfect for the quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiast.

Book:   “Layer’em up” by Sharyn Craig

Metler Threads come in a variety of colors and would make a great Christmas gift for the quilting, sewing or embroidery enthusiast, as well as help to make lovely items to give away this Christmas.

book:  “Quilter’s Travel Companion” is a perfect book for a quilter that travels, or is planning a trip.

book:  “Appliqué Outside the lines with Piece O Cake Designs”, by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins, published by C&T Publishing

Cloth Paper Scissors  magazine subscription

Fabric, notions, or gift certificates from IHAN

Blue River Moon Designs, by Susan Brubaker Knapp, offers a variety of delightful designs.   I love her Tulip Bag design, but I believe any of Susan’s designs would make a delightful gift!

A trip to a big quilt show:  International Quilt Festival (IQF) Long Beach, IQF Chicago, IQF Houston, etc.  Wouldn’t this be a fantastic Christmas gift?
Kaleidoscope Collections has many delightful products, including their Kaleidoscope Kreator which would make a lovely Christmas gift.
YLI has  delightful threads for the quilting, sewing or machine embroidery enthusiast.
And remember homemade gifts, gifts from the heart, are always loved.

ArtBin Bobbin Boxes

ArtBin is the manufacturer of my favorite bobbin box.  It holds up to 30 bobbins, or other supplies.  It is made of a translucent polypropylene to easily view what is inside.  I’ve also enjoyed that this box is very durable, making it a perfect product to be taken to workshops & sew-cials.

I also recommend having a separate bobbin box for different types of threads:  100% cotton, machine embroidery, etc.

ArtBin also offers this product for purchase online, at a very reasonable price.  Therefore I view this is also an excellent stocking stuffer, or gift for your quilting friends.  I strongly recommend the ArtBin Bobbin Box.

For insights on other ArtBin products check out: