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Are you a No Reply Blogger/Leave no reply comments?

As the Christmas Quilt Show is just around the corner, and there are loads of prizes, I wanted to heighten awareness that no-reply bloggers (those that leave comments with no way to be contacted) are disqualified to win prizes in this contest, and typically they are disqualified to win prizes in the majority of contests in blogland.  Why?  Because it is very difficult, if not impossible for a blogger to contact someone that has left a comment with settings that in a no-reply status.

Easy workarounds are to leave your email address embedded in your comment, but actually it is easier to verify your default settings have been updated.

If you have a blogger account, to check your settings:
a) go to
b) click on Blogger Settings
c) be sure the box for “Show my email address” is checked.
d) click Save Profile
If you have a Typepad account, or a non-Blogger/non-google account, I haven’t found a way for your settings to allow your email address to be captured when you leave a comment on a blogspot blog.  And this goes in reverse for blogspot bloggers that leave comments on Typepad or other non-blogger accounts. Thus, I recommend when you leave a comment on such blogs you remember to leave your email address within your comment.
More tips on these settings, and how to win at giveaways, are available on my page labeled “giveaways and contests” where I also try to share insights on various giveaways and contests.  Just scroll down the page and you’ll see various tips.
In a recent giveaway on my blog, as part of the Fall into Fall giveaway, sadly there were many that visited my blog and entered my giveaway.  But as they had no reply settings I couldn’t contact them, if they were to win a prize, thus they were disqualified.  Here are some examples: 

Don’t be a no-reply blogger/leave no reply comments in the upcoming Christmas Quilt Show.  If you take time to visit my blog and enter a giveaway I’d like you to have a chance at winning.  If you are not sure if your settings are correct, please check them.  If you wish to use this post as a test, feel free to leave a comment and mark “test” in your comment. If you do not hear back from me by November 15th (or within 48 hours of your comment), it is very likely your settings are not correct.

Happy Labor Day!

I have been pondering what to share today, to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day.

I took a look at my post last year and decided I had already shared those insights…and wondered if I could find something new.  But my sentiment remains the same.  I do wish you a very Happy Labor Day.

On the personal side, I’m going to be “laboring” in my sewing room with the hopes of sharing insights this coming week on the fruit of my labors!  I also plan on doing a bit of shopping (helping the economy with hopes that more people soon return to the workforce).  As I like to shop with a purpose, I’m shopping for items for September giveaways (one to be offered to my blog followers and one to be offered to my facebook followers)

And, we plan on a BBQ dinner later in the day.

What are you doing for Labor Day?  I hope you have fun, and are able to find time to enjoy and create!

Quilting Snacks

What  are your favorite snacks at a quilt sew-cial?

Chocolate dipped strawberries?

Flavored Rice Cakes?  Milano cookies?

How about  Butterfingers,  Hershey’s kisses, or Reese’s Cups?

Brownie Bites?

Or how about cute M&Ms?

I’d love to hear what your favorite snacks are for when you are at a quilt sew-cial.  I’m planning on what to take to an upcoming sew-cial and don’t want to think only about my tummy.    Oh dear me, what shall I bring to a sew-cial?

Portable Design Walls

I have a variety of portable design walls, where I enjoy each in the right situation.

Cheryl Ann’s Design Wall is a lightweight portable wall that is easy to setup and take down.  I have the large size (72″x72″).  I find it very handy to use at sew-cials, retreats, and sometimes for classes.  But it takes up floor space, so I do not leave it up at home, nor set it up at home all that frequently.  To clarify, if I had a larger sewing area I would most likely leave it up all the time, and use it with every quilt project that I work on.  Unfortunately, I have a small sewing space (which is desperate for a good cleaning right now).

I also have a 20″x30″ foam core board, covered in felt.  Obviously, it is too small to layout the blocks for an entire quilt, but I do love to use it to layout pices for blocks.  Due to the small size, I use it quite a bit in my “little” sewing room.  And, I have frequently taken it with me to sew-cials, classes, retreats, etc.. 

I know many quilters that make their own full size portable quilt wall, using automative ceiling fabric, batting, flannel, or table cloths that are backed with flannel.  I also have a medium size portable quilt wall that I made using a table cloth with a cardboard tube from a large format printer’s empty roll of paper (you can find for free at office supply stores that do large format printers, like Staples, Office Depot, or Kinkos).

As you can see, it holds fabric very easily.  You can also roll up this wall, whereby it takes up minimal storage.  And, what I like, is that you can roll up your blocks to store them for when you are ready to sew your blocks together.  For me, this is very handy.

My flannel backed table cloth quilt wall was probably the least expensive option, and the easiest to store.

In each option, you pretty much need to know what your space is as home for how you’ll use it (e.g. do you have much floor space vs wall space.  And determine if you need to hang something on a wall with a nail, or other hook).  Likewise, when you want to take your portable with you,  you may want to ask in advance what the room setup will be to help determine if a portable wall option will work.  In the smallest classrooms I’ve been in, if my table goes up against a wall, my felt covered poster board works best as I can lean it up against the wall.

Do you have a portable quilt wall?  If so, what do you recommend for use at home vs elsewhere?  And, if you don’t have a design wall, I’d love to hear if any of these might help you, or if you have further questions.  Design walls are very helpful, but I like to find design walls that work for the area you have and need. For me, I prefer design walls that are easily portable and consume minimal space.

Charming Girls Club

I’ve been enjoying following the Charming Girls Club and have decided to “make a commitment” (OMG) and join this club. I am always inspired by what these girls create, as well as their ability to make goals and achieve them.  I’m hoping that some of their talent and organizational skills will rub off on me, as a club member.

While you may not think these are lofty, here are my goals:

1)  Clean my sewing room in August.  I mean really clean it.  Block time the beginning of each month to work on this, but try to hard to keep it orderly. 

2)  Finish a minimum of two charity projects a month.

3)  Cut fabric for my first Schnibble project, that I’ll commit to finishing by September.  And determine which Schnibble to make for this fall.

4)  Update my goals, after I’ve cleaned & organized my sewing room.

5)  Have fun, enjoy, create, inspire, and encourage others to do the same, as well as expand upon our talents!

6) Enjoy making new friends in the Charming Girls Club.