Charity Announcements


This page is dedicated to sharing insights on charity projects that are quilt related.  QuiltShopGal will periodically update this page to share insights on events I may be hosting, as well as other charity events.  And, there is a linky at the bottom where you may also share insights on charity programs that you are passionate about.  
Elephant Nature Park Fundraiser by Jennifer Sampou
A portion of the sales of Jennifer’s Elephant and I pattern will be donated to help the Elephant Nature Park.  Visit Jennifer’s blog for more info:
jennifer sampou
The Fat Quarter Shop is hosting a fun quilt along in 2015, to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Every month a free block will be released, but participants are encouraged to donate to St. Jude.

 Snapshots Banner

The 100 Fundraiser to Fight Cancer
A FibreArt for a cause Fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society
February 4th




It is easier to focus sharing insights on non-profits (e.g. programs that have a non-profit status). But there are times when a good grass-roots effort can make a difference.  Thus, SewCalGal is willing to help increase such awareness when there is a good call to action, clear deadline, and the objective has a good infrastructure.  To clarify, don’t ask for PR for something to save the world and only have one person trying to do it.  Don’t ask for funds when you are a non-profit. And, be able to show evidence your efforts make a difference (e.g. don’t be one of those internet people that continually asks for donations for a great charity cause and never shows any evidence of helping others.

There are many great projects where quilters throughout the world reach out to help each other.  As SewCalGal is periodically asked to help increase awareness of these groups, I’ve set up a linky where you can add links to programs you feel appropriate.  Please keep in mind your call to action needs to be clear, have a deadline associated to what you are asking for help to meet a specific need.  This is required so that this list cycles through such requests.  Periodically, SewCalGal will be editing to remove items from this list.  Those interested are welcome to add again, but please don’t overlook you need to have a deadline for your request.

LINKS TO OTHER CHARITY PROGRAMS:This linky is setup for those that would like to increase awareness of a charity project that might be of interest for quilting, sewing or embroidery enthusias.  Please note that  when you add a link, you need to be sure the source contact provides the following information:

– Good call to action information (e.g. purpose)
– deadline, window that this call is solicted
– details on what is being asked
– how will recipients benefit
– is this a non-profit group vs grass-roots volunteers

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