Free-Motion Quilting

Page under development.

Details for the 2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge will be shared soon.

This page was last updated on:  September 6th, 2014

Update:  SewCalGal will be hosting a Free-Motion Quilting Challenge in 2015.  Insights will be shared late 2014.  In the meantime, if you have a chance to purchase pillow forms (18″x18″) on sale, you may want to stock up.  And, yes you guessed it….this challenge (or series of challenges) will show off your FMQ on pillows that you can keep to decorate your home, or giveaway as a special handmade gift.  But I need to work out details with FMQ Experts and Sponsors, before I can officially announce.


SewCalGal is passionate about free-motion quilting and encourages quilters to learn/improve their FMQ skills whether you are using a domestic sewing machine, mid-arm or long arm.  Take classes, learn from books and DVDs, follow blogs that share tips and tutorials on FMQ.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you can learn, how much fun it is to FMQ and how beautiful your projects will look.  

This page is focused on sharing insights on information for those interested in learning/improving your FMQ skills.  And, it will be updated periodically as I come across new opportunities.

Free-Motion Classes at Craftsy:

Machine Quilting Wholecloth Quilts, with Cindy Needham

Design It, Quilt It! Free Form Techniques, with Cindy Needham

Dot-to-Dot, with Angela Walters

Machine Quilting Negative Space, with Angela Walters

Free-Motion Quilting Feathers, with Angela Walters

Free-Motion Quilting A Sampler, with Leah Day

Free Motion Fillers Volume 1, with Leah Day

Free Motion Fillers Volume 2, with Leah Day

Machine Quilting Free Motion and More, with Wendy Butler Burns

Beyond Basic Machine Quilting, with Ann Peterson

Quilting Big Projects on Small Machines, with Ann Peterson

Continuous Line Quilting, with Ann Peterson

Machine Quilting with Templates, with Kimmy Brunner

Machine Quilting The Home Sweet Home Quilt, with Frieda Anderson

Machine Quilting Beautiful Borders, with Eva Larkin Hawkins

Definitely keep an eye out for classes on sale at Craftsy.

Learn to Machine Quilt Online Class at Annie’s


Links to 2012 FMQ Challenge Tutorials

January,  Frances Moore

February,  Diane Gaudynski

March,  Ann Fahl (post is visible, but tutorial was removed, as requested by Ann)

April,  Don Linn

May,  Leah Day

June,  Cindy Needham

July, Angela Walters

August, Wendy Sheppard

September, Paula Reid

October, Teri Lucas

November, Sarah Vedeler

December, Patsy Thompson

May Bonus Tutorial #1, Linda Moran

August Bonus Tutorial #2, Susan Brubaker Knapp

October Bonus Tutorial #3, Diane Loomis

December Bonus Tutorial #4, Teri Lucas

Links to 2013 FMQ Challenge Tutorials

Challenge #1 – A Day of Thread Play, with Libby Lehman

Challenge #3 – Feathers, by Joanne of Thread Head

Challenge #4 – FMQ Postcards, with Janet McElroy 

Challenge #5 – It’s all about Borders, with Patsy Thompson

Links to additional information participants are encouraged to read:

Again, SewCalGal encourages quilters to continue to learn and improve their free-motion quilting skills.   

And, check out the 2014 Year of Red and White Quilt Challenges. The Make It! Challenge is currently open thru September 30th and while you need not do free-motion quilting, this challenge will definitely give those that enjoy FMQ an opportunity to show off their skills.  There will also be tips, tricks and tutorials shared for precision piecing and for free-motion quilting throughout the Make It! Challenge.





This list is under development.

FMQ Tutorial  “Jester’s Hat” by Wendy Sheppard

     @ SewCalGal
FMQ Tutorial by Paula Reid @ SewCalGal FMQ tutorial by Susan Brubaker Knapp
FMQ Tutorial by Cindy Needham

FMQ tutorial using hand marbled fabrics, by Linda Moran
FMQ Tutorial by Diane Gaudynski
Free-Motion Quilting tutorial, by Diane Loomis
      Quilters Newsletter has a great tutorial, for those interested in free-motion quilting, to make a

feathered wreath.

FMQ Tutorial by Leah Day @ SewCalGal FMQ Tutorial by Frances Moore @ SewCalGal FMQ Tutorial by Don Linn 

    @ SewCalGal

More tutorials and tips on Free-Motion Quilting Friendly and PDF


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