Free Motion Quilting Challenge – 2012

Note:  This page has been updated after migrating from SewCalGal (blogger) to QuiltShopGal (wordpress).  If you find any links that still point to SewCalGal, or broken links, please let me know.  I’ve tried to make appropriate changes.
After spending a year to research and learn free-motion quilting, I was so impressed with how much I had learned and how much fun I was having, that I decided to host the 2012 Free-motion quilting challenge.  To my delight, many FMQ Experts volunteered to participate and they each shared a free tutorial.  Sponsors also donated prizes that were randomly donated to winners every month, as well as at the end of the year (Grand Prizes).
Sponsors include:
 photo sponsorsofmonthlyandbonustutorialprizes_zps9b1f25e3.png
 photo grandprizesponsorsthankyoufromsewcalgal_zpsbb6fd836.png
 note: I need to manually update these links, but you can find them by the search tool

January,  Frances Moore
February,  Diane Gaudynski
March,  Ann Fahl (post is visible, but tutorial was removed, as requested by Ann)
April,  Don Linn
May,  Leah Day
June,  Cindy Needham
July, Angela Walters
August, Wendy Sheppard
September, Paula Reid
October, Teri Lucas
November, Sarah Vedeler
December, Patsy Thompson
May Bonus Tutorial #1, Linda Moran
August Bonus Tutorial #2, Susan Brubaker Knapp
October Bonus Tutorial #3, Diane Loomis
December Bonus Tutorial #4, Teri Lucas

Here is a list of all posts for the 2012 FMQ Challenge (although I’m still needing to figure out why this widget only shows a max of 10 posts, I think for this challenge this widget is working ok).

[catlist name=2012-free-motion-quilting-challenge, thumbnail=yes, excerpt=yes, post-status = published, dateformat=”l F dS, Y]


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