Free Motion Quilting Challenge – 2013

Note:  This page has been updated after migrating from SewCalGal (blogger) to QuiltShopGal (wordpress).  If you find any links that still point to SewCalGal, or broken links, please let me know.  I’ve tried to make appropriate changes.

A follow-on to the 2012 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge,  the 2013 FMQ Challenge, which offered a six challenges and built off of tutorials shared in 2012, was all about having fun while trying to encourage continued learning FMQ through books, dvds and classes.

Here is a list of all posts for the 2013 FMQ Challenge (although I’m still needing to figure out why this widget only shows a max of 10 posts, I think for this challenge this widget is working ok).

[catlist name=2013-free-motion-quilting-challenge, thumbnail=yes, excerpt=yes, post-status = published, dateformat=”l F dS, Y]


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