Who is Darlene of Quilt Shop Gal?

I am enthusiastic about quilting, sewing, embroidery and various creative medias. I’m also passionate about those in the business and always looking for ways to help increase awareness of such. After all, they have made our world of creativity so wonderful, I’m happy to be their cheerleader!

I started SewCalGal in 2008, where I rarely shared personal info. And, I preferred to be known on the internet only as SewCalGal, as I felt strongly that my blogging voice was best focused on those in the business. In January 2015, I migrated my blog to Quilt Shop Gal. I am not a shop owner, by a Social Media Marketeer who likes to influence and increase awareness. But, I’ve come out of the closet – and now comfortable with being recognized as Darlene of Quilt Shop Gal! And, periodically, you’ll find that I share personal information, unlike my approach on SewCalGal.

I hope you’ll enjoy following Quilt Shop Gal. And, like a Quilt Shop, I hope to periodically have guest posts shared on this blog too!


6 thoughts on “Who is Darlene of Quilt Shop Gal?”

  1. Hi Darlene!

    Yes, I’ll be following for sure and have always enjoyed your opinions, experiences and suggestions.

    Now you are “out” so to speak…..I can honestly say that if you offer more of the personal knowledge you have about life experiences….the world will be a better place. My life has been much changed because of you and your experiences.



  2. Hi Darlene! It is wonderful to see that you will be sharing your personal quilting and experiences on this blog, you always have a wealth of information for everyone!


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